I have a blog? Why?

Thank you Daily Post for another prompt which I actually don’t mind answering.

Why do you blog?

When I started my blog I was at university trying to juggle uni course work, a job, husband, child and housework and just wanted somewhere to put my thoughts down on “paper”.  Hence the title “Fi’s Mutterings and Mumblings”.  Over the years I’ve dipped in and out of it and it has evolved into a platform for me to share experiences about family life with a child with a learning disability, speech delay etc; a husband who works away from home as a driver trainer which has led to a few posts about driving; my love of Disney and, in particular, Disney World; my attempts at the Swimathon and running to raise money for charity; and just about anything which bugs me or inspires me and I think others would, maybe, like to share.

I also have a business blog on my website, Your  PA Solution, which is a bit hit and miss at the moment but I hope to get it up and running again as I have recently changed hosting providers and am starting the blog again from the beginning.


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