Parking: Who’s better? Men or Women?

This is another driving blog which I originally posted on my other blog and, as I am thinking about closing the blog, thought I’d copy it over here.  This blog was inspired by the following blog from

Blog: Are women better at parking than men? –

I’m not sure that women are better at parking than men or that men are better than women.  I think it is probably more a case of there are some who can park and some who can’t. Parking is one of my pet-hates when it comes to driving.  I always reverse my car into a car parking space and the driveway (not easy on our drive which is like a dog’s hind leg) as I find it easier than going in forward and trying to reverse out again afterwards.  But, the reason it is one of my pet hates is that reversing into a parking space is part of the driving test and yet it seems that 8 out of 10 driving school cars I see parked are parked in forwards.  Does this mean that the instructor can’t reverse?  Also, my husband encourages his clients to reverse into spaces so that if they need to get in the car and get away quickly they don’t need to worry about reversing out before being able to go forwards.


However, last year we saw a police car parked forwards into a space at a motorway service station – they would have wasted valuable seconds if they were called out as they would have to reverse first and then go forwards.  Oh, I’ve just noticed that in the photo, all three cars next to the police car have either reversed into their spaces or driven straight through so that they can drive out forwards.

I know that lots of people go into spaces forwards in car parks so that they have easier access to their boot.  However, may supermarkets now have spaces backed on to footpaths and at the edge of the store which, if you reverse into the parking space, mean that you can access your boot from the footpath and don’t need to leave your trolley in the road.

Finally, it is safer to reverse into a parking space as you have a similar level of visibility when going in and can see much more when coming out of the space.  If you need to reverse out of a space with something parked next to you, you need to reverse about 1/2 of the car out before having a clear view of the road you are reversing into as opposed to reversing about 1/4 of the car (the bonnet) if you are coming forward out of the space after reversing in.

If you don’t feel confident reversing in to a parking space, why not contact a driving school and seeing if they could arrange for one of their instructors to give you a parking lesson, or contact my husband at Teach2Drive.