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100th parkrun Completed!

I haven’t written on my blog for months!  Since May 2016, in fact.  Sorry, life got in the way a little.  I’ll catch up with everything that has happened in the 2nd half of 2016 over the next couple of weeks, I hope.

First though, I completed my 100th parkrun this morning!!!   I ran in the heavy rain and hail with the wind blowing it horizontal on Christmas Eve and then ran Christmas Day parkrun just so I could do the 100th one this year.  It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been doing parkrun since August 2013 but took about 3 months off earlier this year while it was cold and wet and couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed, lol.


Over the past few months, Adam has decided that he’d rather volunteer than run (his dad is now volunteering as the photographer most weeks) so he needs to do another 15 parkruns to get his 100.  He’s well on his way to his volunteer 25 t-shirt though.


TheTraining for the 2016 Events Has Started

I finally got round to starting my running training for the running events which Adam, and I, want to do this year.  We are both doing parkrun and I am doing an extra run, or two, during the week.  I went on to myasics.co.uk and created a running plan for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon at the end of September based on never having run before.  I chose this option as Adam and I didn’t run at all for near enough 3 months and Adam finds time very tight after college to go out running.  Also, our 10K events aren’t until July so we’ll increase his running after half term and increase it again when he finishes college at the end of June.  Anyway, because I chose the option of starting from scratch, the first few weeks of runs are 1-2 miles at 16 minute mile pace which is what he does to walk to college.

At the moment, as well as the half marathon, we are only planning to run a couple of 10K events.  York 10K on 7th August – I’ve done every York 10K since they started in 2009 so I can’t miss it.  The Great Yorkshire Run is moving from Sheffield at the end of September to Harrogate on 24th July so we are looking at maybe doing that one too.  Adam is also wanting to enter the R U Taking the P? run on Father’s Day.  As his dad won’t be here that weekend, he’ll be running it himself – his first official solo event – as it is a men only event.  I may enter on of the Race for Life events the following week but I haven’t decided yet.  If the York 10 Mile returns with the Yorkshire Marathon, we will also run that too as we really enjoyed it last year.

We went to parkrun yesterday and it was great.  The puddles had cleared so no soggy feet this week.  It was cold and windy though, but the sun was shining so that made it bearable 😉  I increased our running intervals to 90s with a 60s walk break and we managed it very well.  Adam was still talking to me all the way around so I know he’s doing OK.  With about 350m to go, Adam decided to he was going to make a run for the finish line.  He knows that if he wants to beat me and not have me catch him on the line, as I did last week, he has to make a long run for home.  I think he must have overtaken about 8 or 9 people in that last 350m, I overtook 4, to finish in 35:07.  I finished in 35:26, over a minute and a half faster than last week and Adam was almost 2 minutes faster.  Think it’ll be back to 2 minute run intervals next week 🙂

parkrun 16-04-16 - finish line sprint

Parkrun finish on 16th April 2016 (not this week): Why does Adam look like he’s just finishing a stroll in the park and I’m trying so very hard?!?  I just caught him on the line.

parkrun – big puddles and soggy feet

It’s Saturday and that, usually, means parkrun for Adam and me.  Unfortunately, there was no parkrun last weekend due to a very flooded York Racecourse.  It looked more like a lake.

Anyway, the lake has gone down now to leave a lot of puddles.  The ones on the grassy area of the Knavesmire look like ponds dotted around but the service track which we use for the parkrun was, more or less, clear.  There were, however, about 4 puddles which went all the way across the service track and we had no choice but to run through them.

From York parkrun 9-1-16

Adam and I going past one of the little puddles at York parkrun

As Adam and I knew that they were there and we would get wet feet anyway, we decided that we wouldn’t pussy-foot our way through but run through the deepest parts which everyone else was trying to avoid.  The result?  We finished in under 33 minutes for the first time since August 2015.  It would have been faster (maybe even under 32 minutes) if we hadn’t had to stop and do up Adam’s silly shoelace which came undone at the 3km mark.

I have to just say thank you to my trainer (even though he won’t be reading this) who, during my bonus training session on Thursday, decided that I should do kettlebell deadlifts, kettlebell swings and 3 minutes of 30s sprint (12km/hr) 30s fast walk (7km/hr) x3 as part of my session.  I also did single leg step ups with the step half way between my knee and my bottom!  The leg work must have done something because my legs were feeling really good today even with the cold.

Also, today was York parkrun’s 4th birthday so there was cake at the finish line 🙂  What more could you ask for when you have cold, soggy feet?  Lemon drizzle cake, yum!  Everyone else had finished the big chocolate cake before we finished otherwise I would have had that one instead.

That is also Day 8 of Janathon done!  Bring on day 9 – more walking to Tesco me thinks.

No Parkrun Today

After Adam’s migraine yesterday, I decided to let him sleep this morning rather than getting up to go to parkrun.  He finally stopped being sick with the migraine at 10.30 last night and he hadn’t eaten since Thursday so I think a 5K run might have been a bit much.  I thought I’d write about our first November run today instead, I forgot to write about it then and I can’t believe that I didn’t.

Adam got a HUGE PB on 1 November at parkrun and I didn’t write about it!  Let’s rectify that now, shall we?

Parkrun 1 November 2014

As it was 4 weeks ago, I can’t remember much but we started at a faster pace than we often do with a 6:35 first km.  As usual, the 2nd and 3rd kilometres were faster at 6:04 and 6:12 with the 4th kilometre the slowest one of the lot at 6:46.  However, we pulled it back and the 5th and final kilometre was 5:54 🙂  This was with a 4:1 interval split.  Adam finished in a time of 31:43 a whopping 36 seconds faster than his previous PB in August.  He also ran away from me and beat me by 4 seconds, that’s OK I want that to happen because it means I know I can increase his intervals and push him harder/faster.  Unfortunately, it also means I have to push myself to the point where he’s still talking to me and I can’t reply because I’ve got pretty close to my limit.  Note to self, go running during the week as well as Saturdays.

Adam's parkrun history Fiona's parkrun history

Virtual Running UK Blog Hop LogoEdit: Today is also Virtual Running UK’s blog hop day so this is part of that too.




York Parkrun 108

When I wrote my post about swimming yesterday, I said that I added the swim as well as the run this week because the weather forecast was for heavy rain all day today so we probably wouldn’t get to parkrun this morning.  However, I learned from the last time there was a forecast of heavy rain and it didn’t come until after my son and I had got to work.  So, last night my son and I made the decision to get up and dressed for parkrun and then, if it was chucking it down with rain, get changed if necessary and go to work early; or we would go to parkrun.

I’m glad we did agree to that because I got woken up by the rain at around 6 this morning and thought, oh well I guess we aren’t going then.  When I got up to go and make lunches for work, I said good morning to my son and didn’t think he would actually get up, let alone dressed, in time for parkrun but when I went back upstairs he was, not only up but also, dressed in his running kit 🙂  No persuasion needed to go to parkrun, great 😀

We went round to the Racecourse and, because we left home on time, parked near the finish rather than the start.  I prefer parking near the finish because it means we don’t have to walk across the Knavesmire and get muddy, grassy feet to get back to the car.  The parking near the finish line is also around 1km away from the start line so the walk to the start is a lovely warm-up.

As it turned out the sun was out and the sky was, mostly, blue sky.  The few clouds that were out were fluffy and white 🙂

The York parkrun is getting busier and busier so we always start fairly close to the back and take a steady, slowish run for the first 4 minute interval so that the runners can start to spread out.  We then start picking them off from about 1km.  My son was talking most of the way round, as usual, about all sorts but mostly about the fact that we don’t walk to the finish but he didn’t want to run fast either.  I wish he’d take notice of what he says because he keeps on picking up the pace in the last 150m!  He then tells me off because we run fast to the finish – he’s the one who starts running faster, I just run fast enough to keep up with him :^)

Today we were also talking about running at Disney.  He said he wants to do the run that goes through all 4 parks at Disney World, until I told him that is the marathon and is the equivalent of about 8 parkruns back to back.  I think we may need to re-think that one 😉  He does, however, want to do the Expedition Everest Challenge and I’d love to do it with him.

With my boy at around 2.5k on York parkrun. Taken from York parkrun’s Facebook page.

We finished in 33:09 today which is still less than a minute slower than my son’s PB.  He’s still getting used to the longer run interval.

Edited to include photo.