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Photo Challenge – Growth

Now I’ve started writing this post, I hope I can find a picture to show “growth” for the weekly photo challenge.  Ah, just thought of one, or rather a selection, I just hope I can find it on my computer!

Adam's School Days

The selection is a bit old but, oh, how he grew!


We are Family

This week’s weekly photo challenge: Family

What is family? For some, family is defined by genetics. For others, it is simply those with whom you share a bond of love.

I have more than one family.  I do, of course have the family I was born into, the family I married into and the family I created with my husband.


Celebrating my stepdaughter’s birthday at WDW, my birthday was 4 days later 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

One of the things I really enjoy when we go to Walt Disney World is looking at the window displays of the Emporium on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.  The gallery below is the window displays from Christmas 2009.

This post is in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


I don’t think you can beat stained glass windows as a masterpiece of craftsmanship and art.  We are lucky to have some amazing windows in York Minster.  York Minster looks amazing from the outside but the windows look stunning from inside, especially on a sunny day.

The Rose Window - South Trancept

The Rose Window dates from the 1500s and commemorates the union of the houses of Lancaster and York.  It was restored after a fire to the South Transept in July 1984.

Heart of York - West End - Minster        york-20120121-00018.jpg

The Great West Window at the West End of the Minster is also known as the Heart of York.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week’s photo challenge from Daily Post:

Do you have a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond? Are there hidden depths in the background? Is the focal point just a framing for the rest of the picture? If it’s not clear why we should look beyond, tell us! Lead us through the story in your photo. 

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means BEYOND to you!

I love photos taken at Disney especially those taken by the PhotoPass photographers because they frame the photo in such a way that whilst you know the focus is the people there is nearly always something which draws your eye in the background too.

Magic Kingdom - September 2011

The focus is the birthday girl in the middle but we also see the Castle and the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Magic Kingdom Entrance


The entrance to the Magic Kingdom



Next to the fountain in Epcot but you can’t help but be drawn to the Epcot Ball too.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is illumination which is a great opportunity to post more Disney pictures. More precisely photos from our Christmas trip in 2009 but first is a photo from our most recent trip to Disneyland Paris.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle all lit up at night

Cinderella’s Castle all lit up for Christmas



Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – can you see the hidden Mickeys?

Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012 in Pictures

I haven’t done a photo challenge for a while and I’m not even sure I have enough photos to make up all of 2012 so I hope I have enough to show the best of the year.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This week’s photo challenge asked us to post photos that we have taken today, not those taken previously which would fit the theme.  Fortunately, I was planning to take some photos today of the Immovable stone block which has been in front of York Minster since the early hours of Monday and is going to be taken away in the middle of the night on Sunday (I think).

Here are a few of the photos which I took of the Minster

The Immovable stone

and a performance – their theme was “home”.

Sitting down “at home”

Painting the side of the house

Playing Grandmother’s footsteps

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

OK, so I’m a bit late with this Photo Challenge but to be perfectly honest I couldn’t think of anything which would cover it.  When the weekly photo challenge was “red” it was fairly easy, all I had to do was find photos of my boy in an old Routemaster bus.  However, “blue” was a little harder which is silly because blue just happens to be my favourite colour but could I think of anything to use as my photo? No.  That is, until this morning when I was making my bed.  The two men in my household (the Man and the Boy) are away on courses/school trips this week so I decided to get my old quilt, which my mum made for me while I was still at school, out from the drawer and put it on my bed – it looks nice but a pain in the butt to put on and take off when the Man whinges about it.  Anyway, I took a photo of it this morning so I hope it came out OK.

Made with love for me by my Mum in 1989