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TheTraining for the 2016 Events Has Started

I finally got round to starting my running training for the running events which Adam, and I, want to do this year.  We are both doing parkrun and I am doing an extra run, or two, during the week.  I went on to myasics.co.uk and created a running plan for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon at the end of September based on never having run before.  I chose this option as Adam and I didn’t run at all for near enough 3 months and Adam finds time very tight after college to go out running.  Also, our 10K events aren’t until July so we’ll increase his running after half term and increase it again when he finishes college at the end of June.  Anyway, because I chose the option of starting from scratch, the first few weeks of runs are 1-2 miles at 16 minute mile pace which is what he does to walk to college.

At the moment, as well as the half marathon, we are only planning to run a couple of 10K events.  York 10K on 7th August – I’ve done every York 10K since they started in 2009 so I can’t miss it.  The Great Yorkshire Run is moving from Sheffield at the end of September to Harrogate on 24th July so we are looking at maybe doing that one too.  Adam is also wanting to enter the R U Taking the P? run on Father’s Day.  As his dad won’t be here that weekend, he’ll be running it himself – his first official solo event – as it is a men only event.  I may enter on of the Race for Life events the following week but I haven’t decided yet.  If the York 10 Mile returns with the Yorkshire Marathon, we will also run that too as we really enjoyed it last year.

We went to parkrun yesterday and it was great.  The puddles had cleared so no soggy feet this week.  It was cold and windy though, but the sun was shining so that made it bearable 😉  I increased our running intervals to 90s with a 60s walk break and we managed it very well.  Adam was still talking to me all the way around so I know he’s doing OK.  With about 350m to go, Adam decided to he was going to make a run for the finish line.  He knows that if he wants to beat me and not have me catch him on the line, as I did last week, he has to make a long run for home.  I think he must have overtaken about 8 or 9 people in that last 350m, I overtook 4, to finish in 35:07.  I finished in 35:26, over a minute and a half faster than last week and Adam was almost 2 minutes faster.  Think it’ll be back to 2 minute run intervals next week 🙂

parkrun 16-04-16 - finish line sprint

Parkrun finish on 16th April 2016 (not this week): Why does Adam look like he’s just finishing a stroll in the park and I’m trying so very hard?!?  I just caught him on the line.


May Goals – Week 1 – Run done

I actually got out for a run today 🙂  It’s my first run on my own for a while and, looking at my 10K training plan on myasics.com was supposed to be a 6km build-up run.  To do the build-up run:

Start to run at the first guideline pace.  When you are comfortable increase your pace and maintain it. Then increase your pace a second time and maintain it. Stay in control of your pace, don’t push too hard and end up finishing slow.

My pace was supposed to start at 7:57/km and finish at 7:09/km.  I think running the parkrun in intervals with my son have improved my basic pace so much that I couldn’t force myself to run slower than 7:30/km.

Lap 1 0:07:35 Dist 1km
Lap 2 0:06:48 Dist 1km
Lap 3 0:06:45 Dist 1km
Lap 4 0:06:50 Dist 1km
Lap 5 0:06:27 Dist 1km
Lap 6 0:04:55 Dist 0.8km

The first km was completed in 7:35 because I had to slow down/stop to cross roads, not because I ran slower.

I really enjoyed this run and will now try to keep up with the weekly runs on top of the parkrun.  I set up my running programme to only have 2 runs per week, one of which is the parkrun.  The myasics.com programme originally gave me a 10K finish time of 1:05:09 and is now calculating the finish time as under 1 hour!  If I keep training at the speed I am doing now.  As I will be running the 10K with my Boy, I won’t be running that fast but it’s nice to know I can.


Personal Training

I really enjoy going to the gym when I have a session booked with my personal trainer. He doesn’t push me too hard but makes me want to do more, lift more and go further.

When my husband is at home we have joint training sessions. These are enjoyable too. Well, until we are doing exercises where we have to alternate and he takes longer to do the exercise which is doing the timing. I’m sure I do twice as many step-ups etc as he does! He also talks a lot so I end up doing a harder exercise for a longer split than I should 😉. It’s OK though, at least I get a good workout.

I have had a personal trainer on and off for about 5 years, when I can afford it and will continue to do so as long as I can.

Next Up: Race for Life

Now that the Swimathon is over for another year and I finished with such a huge PB, I have the motivation to try to smash a few other PBs this year too.  For the past couple of years, my running seems to have got slower at the Race for Life and Run for All events.  I know why, it’s because I didn’t train as much as I should because I don’t like running outside at the best of times and when it’s raining I will find any excuse not to go.  Thanks to the weather last year, I didn’t train for the 10k run and ended up finishing in my worst time yet.  Thanks to my husband, that is not going to happen this year.

Last September, my husband decided that he wanted to join a gym again.  So we did.  The weather cannot be an excuse not to train this year as I can still run inside on the treadmill.  I know most people don’t like running on a treadmill, especially once they have run outside, but I’m not one of those people.  I like being able to set the speed I’d like to achieve so that I, either, don’t slack off or don’t go off too fast.

I started my Race for Life 5k training a couple of weeks ago but only completed week 1 last week as I was spending most of my time in the pool preparing for the Swimathon.  I am using the 5k running training plan from the Race for Life’s website.

Today, I started week 2.  Not a bad session for me on the treadmill in the gym.  I set the treadmill to 6km/hr for walking and 9km/hr for running and completed 1 min walk; 2 min run x8 and finished with a 5 minute cool down.  I covered 3.75km in 29 minutes.  I have to do this again on my next training session and then do a 20 minute walk for my 3rd session of the week.  As I am planning on walking to work on Wednesday, 5km each way, I may just use that as my walk and then do the other interval training session on Thursday when I am due in the gym anyway.

One month down…

So we have waved goodbye to January and I have completed nearly 4 weeks of exercise planning and, in most cases, doing.  Here is my review of the month.

My goal was to concentrate on my fitness and get back in to good habits/attend the gym regularly.  For the most part I set my goals for the week and reviewed them on a weekly basis with a blog for each week – Week 1; Week 2; Week 3.  I have been keeping a record of all my exercise on both dailymile.com and SparkPeople.com.  According to SparkPeople, I completed over 1,000 minutes of exercise in January, that’s over 16 hours!  According to Daily Mile, I have completed over 16 hours of exercise in the past 4 weeks however, these figures do not include the first week in January but do include this week.

January training - daily mile

As a breakdown, I spent the following time on the following activities:

Running – 5k 101 training plan – 1 hour 26 minutes; 10.06km at an average pace of 8m 32s /km
Swimming – using swimfit.com’s Get Toned programme – 41 minutes; 1.75km
Gym/PT sessions – 3 hours
Karate training – 4.5 hours
Walking – I record these when I walk to work as it is 3 miles each way, I only record the walk to work and not the walk home – 16 hours 19 minutes; 34.84km

I have only lost 1/4lb this month and my body fat percentage has stayed the same.  However, my bust/chest has gone down by 1/4″, my waist is down 3/4″ and my thighs are down 1/4″.  Everything else has stayed the same 😀

I am pleased with my progress so far as the goal was to get back into regular exercise after slacking for a good couple of months.  I’m also enjoying my training sessions which is half the battle.

Goal for February?  Get back on track with nutrition as well as exercise.  First goal – drink more water!

Back to Fitness – Week 1

It was back to school for my son this week which meant I was back in the gym for the first time in a couple of months. I’d let things slide in November and December between our surprise Disney trip for my son and getting ready for Christmas but I am determined to get back in the swing of things over the next few months.

I have, once again, signed up for the Swimathon (5,000m challenge) at the end of April and the Run for All 10k in York at the beginning of August. When registration opens, I will also be entering the Race for Life during the Summer. So, hopefully training for these events will keep me on track especially as I am now a member of a gym and, unless it snows and I can’t get to the gym, I can’t use the weather as an excuse for not getting my training runs in.

So, on to my review of the past week. I had planned to exercise Monday to Friday and then have Saturday and Sunday off. However, that didn’t quite pan out. I went swimming on Monday for the first time since I finished the Swimathon last April! It wasn’t bad – 22 lengths in 13 minutes. I am following swimfit.com’s Get Toned programme and Monday was session 1.

On Tuesday I had a 1 hour training session with a personal trainer. Fantastic! Thank you to my husband who bought me 10 PT sessions for Christmas. The downside to having a PT session as my first session back in the gym? I really ached on Wednesday.

Wednesday started with a walk to work (5km) and a walk home. I then went to a karate training session which, as the first session back after Christmas was a “fitness” session which included a lot of press-ups and crunches as well as the usual strikes, blocks and kicks. We also went through about 9 different katas. Loved the session but ached even more afterwards and getting into some of the low stances with muscles which were already aching from Tuesday’s training was not easy.

I was back in the gym on Thursday and started with a couch to 5k run. I have decided to try the 5k 101 programme and completed week 1 day 1. As I will only be running 1 or 2 days each week it is going to take me longer than 8 weeks to finish the programme but I am hoping that the swimming, karate and PT sessions will help in the long run. As swimming is my first event that is what I will be doing twice a week rather than the running. After the Swimathon, running will take priority although will probably only be twice a week as my karate training is always on a Wednesday and if I not to carry on with PT sessions I have to do those on either Tuesday or Thursday. After my run, I went through some strength training exercises with my husband.

I was hoping to go swimming on Friday but my shoulders were so sore I could hardly rotate them for front crawl so decided to walk to work, and back, instead.

All in all, a good first week. My plan for next week is for more of the same with PT on Thursday instead of Tuesday. Not sure how I’ll manage as the forecast is for snow tonight and tomorrow which means I’ll be walking to work rather than driving so won’t get to the swimming pool. Oh well, we’ll see.

Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions

A new challenge from Daily Post which, as I posted the blog which would have been today’s daily prompt yesterday, I need to be able to complete my week-long post a day challenge.  So, here I am taking part in the writing challenge.

2013 is almost upon us, so what better time to make half-hearted promises to ourselves about things we’ll fail to do within a couple of weeks, because they weren’t all that important anyway? Only this year. This year is different. In this week’s writing challenge, we’re going to get resolute with our resolutions. Yes indeed, it’s time to… resolve! 

You can read more about the Writing Challenge here

I haven’t written New Year’s Resolutions for a long time but I do write my goals for the year after reviewing the goals I set for the previous year.

I couldn’t find a blog for last year’s goals, I slipped up there so can’t review them but I do know that I started the year weighing in at 10st 12lbs (152lbs) on 31 December 2011 but went up to 11 st 1lb (155lbs) in February 2012.  So at my current weight of 11st (154lbs) I am 2lbs heavier than I started last year but 1lb lighter than my heaviest weight through the year.  However, my body measurements are the same now as they were at the end of 2011 so I must have done something right.

I also participated in the York 10k Run for All for the 4th year but did not get a PB as my training was very hit and miss due to not being a member of a gym and the weather being an absolute wash out for most of the summer leading up to my 10k.

I swam the Swimathon 5k and maintained my average time of around 1 hour 50 minutes.

Now, on to my goals for the coming year.

  • End 2013 lighter than I started.  I don’t need to aim for a goal weight, if I can lose enough during the year that I end the year at 10st 13.75lbs then I’ll be very happy.  I’m always heavier at the end of the year due to all the Christmas chocolate, biscuits and cake!  I really should set a goal to be lighter in September than I was last September as that is my lightest time of year.
  • Complete the York 10k Run for All in a time of 1 hour 15 minutes or less
  • Complete the Swimathon in under 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Complete the Race for Life (5k) in under 35 minutes

Plan to achieve goals:

  • I aim to lose 1lb a month as this allows me to have a higher calorie allowance. I have found that if I aim to lose more than this and restrict my calorie allowance to less than this I go off track a lot quicker.
  • Cardio exercise – 250-300 minutes per week to include swimming,running, walking to work and karate.
  • Follow the 10k training programme on http://www.myasics.co.uk for the Run for All 10k or find an alternative programme which works for me.
  • Follow the Fitness training programmes on http://www.swimfit.com for the swimming.
  • Follow a couch to 5k training programme for the Race for Life.
  • Strength training – follow training programme devised by the trainer in the gym after discussion of my goals.
  • I will also be more active on my teams on SparkPeople (especially those I am leader/co-leader of) so that I can give/receive support.
  • I will blog about my diet/fitness goals/achievements at least once a week either on this blog or on SparkPeople, with a link to the blog on my other blogs.

Here’s wishing everyone a fantastic 2013. May you all achieve what you set out to achieve and may all your dreams come true.

Swimathon 2012

I’ve done it!  I’ve entered this year’s Swimathon 🙂  The email saying that registration was open came yesterday, after I’d finished on the computer for the day, and they are offering half price registration to the first 10,000 full price entrants before the end of January.  Not wanting to miss out, I registered when I got home this afternoon.

Now all I need to do it get the training in so that I can finish in less than 1 hour 52 minutes (last year’s personal best).  To be honest, I’m glad that I now have something to train for as I am rubbish at keeping up an exercise plan without it.  I was back in the pool this morning but only did 60 lengths of a 17m pool so I think I’m going to have to increase my distance somewhat to be ready to swim 5,000m.  I have 16 weeks to go and most training plans are for a period of 8 weeks so that should give me plenty of time to get back on track.

This will also, hopefully, cross 2 of my tasks off my 101 in 1,001 list.

Best laid plans…

I had a plan for today.  It was a busy day so I needed a plan to get through it.  The plan was something like this:

7am – get up, get the boy up, get dressed and downstairs to make breakfast and lunches before 7.15am
7.15am – make breakfast and lunches and be ready to sit down eating breakfast by 7.30am
7.45am – get the boy back upstairs to clean teeth etc and ready for the school bus which is due at 7.55am
8am – go out for my 10k training (only a 30 minute interval session today).  Come home via the butchers
8.45am – get showered and dressed ready to leave the house again by 9.30am
9.30am – hopefully be on my way in to town (walking) to my bookkeeping course (I have my exam in 6 weeks!)
10.30am – bookkeeping course.  Aim to finish at least 2 lessons before leaving at 2pm to walk home

Now, that shouldn’t have been hard except the man had a phone call from the electrician last night asking if it was OK for him to come and do some electric work that we wanted doing tomorrow (being this morning). Sure, says the man, what time will you be here? About 8.30am, says the electrician. Crap! If I go for my run, I need to use the bathroom for a shower when I get back. Not a problem you might think except one of the jobs we wanted doing was a new light in the loft and the access is on the landing (which is very small, you can’t get round the ladder) so I wouldn’t have access to the bedroom, let alone the bathroom!

So, no run for me this morning. I did, however, get up at 6.30am instead of 7am and was ahead of myself until the boy got his bus to school. I also caught up on my work in the hour I had at home instead of running, hence the time for blogging instead of working. I did walk in to town and home again so still got my exercise in too.

I have an extra run on the training plan this week (on Sunday) anyway so today’s run shouldn’t be missed. I’ll also add an extra walk in tomorrow and walk to Tesco instead of having a “rest” day.

Challenge, Race for Life …

After a good start to blogging about my current healthy living challenge and my Race for Life training last week, I hit a bump over the weekend when I didn’t blog because I wasn’t on the computer.  Anyway, I am here now with a quick update.

After a rocky start, the week went really well and I lost 3/4lb. I have continued to log my food and exercise and the additional challenge this week was to set a goal for the amount of exercise I am going to do. I set a goal of 300 minutes. Up until today, I wasn’t sure I was going to even come close as I didn’t do any exercise on Tuesday and I set the goal forgetting that I wouldn’t be exercising on Tuesday. Fortunately, I did 15 minutes of strength training (ST) on Sunday, 60 minutes in the gym on Monday, 60 minutes in the gym yesterday (Wednesday) and then walked over 6 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes today for a total so far of 235 minutes. I only have to do 65 minutes over the next two days to meet my goal.

My nutrition this week has been good too with calorie intake either being at the bottom end or under the range set for me on SparkPeople. Before anyone starts thinking that this means that I am going under 1,200 calories (the recommended lowest limit for women) let me say that my range, due to my exercise and weight loss goal (1/2lb per week), is 1,630-1,980.

I did my second Race for Life training session yesterday – 10 minute walk (6k/hr) followed by 10 minute jog (8.5k/hr). The distance target given was 2.1km and I did 2.41km. The jog felt comfortable and I am glad that I decided to set the speed on the treadmill to 8.5k/hr and not 9 as I think I may have struggled with that. Going to the gym for the next training session tomorrow – 30 minutes, 3.5km (3 min walk, 3 min power walk x5). I think I will be setting the treadmill up at 6k for the walk and 7.5k for the “power” walk. I then have rest days on Saturday and Sunday.