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Adam’s First 10K

It’s that time of year again, the Run for All team rolled in to York for the last 10K of their calendar for 2014.  I have taken part in every one of them since they started in 2009 and this year my son, Adam, decided that he would like to run it with me.

Adam has only been running since last August/September when he started doing parkrun with me.  Earlier this year we took part in the Royal Family 5K at Disney World and he completed the R U Taking the P? 5K in June.  His best time for the parkrun is 32:21 but he has been consistently finishing at around 33 minutes so I thought he’d easily do about 1:10:00 as we always run intervals rather than the whole 5K.  My PB for 10K is 1:09:50 which I set at the Great Yorkshire Run last September and I have gone under 31 minutes for a 5K but that was hard work so I don’t think I’d be able to finish a 10K much faster than my PB if I ran it on my own.

Anyway, we went with a friend of mine to the racecourse for the start of the York 10K this morning with a goal of running 4:1 minute intervals and aiming to finish anywhere between 1:10:00 and 1:15:00.  The queue for the toilet, as usual, was really long and we were still standing waiting for a toilet to come free when they started the run.  That was fine, it takes about 20 minutes for all of the runners to cross the start line anyway so we knew we had time to get there before they told us it was too late.  As it happened, we joined the masses with plenty of time to spare and crossed the start line with lots of people behind us at 13 minutes after the gun.

This year my friend, who I ran with last year, hasn’t done any training and was carrying a back injury so she was aiming for a much slower time of 1:30:00 but she wanted to start with us and see how far she could get.  We started out relatively slow, for us, and completed the first km in 7:20 with the 2nd km taking 7:30.  After we left my friend, Adam picked up the pace considerably with the next 3 km being completed in just over 21 minutes.  The km splits for 6 and 7 got even faster with the fasted split of 6:23 coming at the 7 km mark.  Adam decided he wanted more of a walking break in the 8th km and consequently the time went down a bit.  It also didn’t help that the course had an “out and back” part to it, you know where you run up a road and then have to turn round and run back down it while other runners are going the other way.  As we could only run on half of the road, it was harder to get round slower runners/walkers so I am blaming that for the slower split too.  Adam came home strong though with a final split of 6:26 😀

Avg Pace
Summary 1:08:39.1 9.97 6:53
1 7:19.5 1.00 7:20
2 7:29.8 1.00 7:30
3 7:04.3 1.00 7:04
4 7:01.3 1.00 7:01
5 7:00.6 1.00 7:01
6 6:41.4 1.00 6:41
7 6:23.5 1.00 6:23
8 6:51.0 1.00 6:51
9 6:33.8 1.00 6:34
10 6:13.9 0.97 6:26

The official time from Run for All was 1:08:34.  I have a PB 😀

I am so proud of my boy.  I wish I could persuade him to run longer splits because he has the potential to go so much faster and run away from me one day.  The splits from 2 km were his pace, not mine, and when he gets the confidence to keep running rather than rely on the interval timings I won’t be able to keep up.  His pace is so much quicker than mine but, at the moment, I have the endurance which is why my 5K PB is faster than his.  I would also like to point out that Adam only runs/trains at York parkrun so the furthest he has ever run before today was 5 km and he only ran once in July due to parkrun being cancelled for the Tour de France and horse racing.

Adam is now asking if we can do the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield in September.  Well, I was going to run it anyway, so sure.  He is also looking up the dates for the Yorkshire based Run for All 10Ks for next year with a view to taking part in Hull, Leeds and York 10Ks in 2015.  Well, we need a challenge and if it will keep him going to parkrun, I’m all for it.

York 10K collage



Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012 in Pictures

I haven’t done a photo challenge for a while and I’m not even sure I have enough photos to make up all of 2012 so I hope I have enough to show the best of the year.

Daily Prompt – High Noon

OK, so this was posted on daily post yesterday but as I get my prompts by email and wasn’t on my computer yesterday I missed it.  Never mind, I’m doing it today.  So the prompt for 25th December was:

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Well, I can’t remember what I was doing at noon yesterday, probably something to do with making the lunch – potatoes, carrots, cabbage, yorkshire puddings…

Anyway, I’m posting this today instead so what was I doing at 12.00 noon?  Well, I was/am planning my new fitness programme for January 2013.  So I was looking up 5k and 10k training programmes so that I can be ready for my 5k Race for Life and 10k Run for All runs in the Summer.  I found some great links and will be trying a couple of podcasts this year:

Being in the UK, I started using the NHS Choices Couch to 5k podcast last year but never actually finished it!  It really enjoyed it so think I will try it again this year http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx

5k101 from Running Mate is a free podcast which you can get through iTunes http://runningmatemedia.com/5k-101/

I plan to follow one plan before extending the time I can run for and then follow the other couch to 5k plan with a faster interval speed with the goal of completing the 5k faster or going further on my longer runs in preparation for the 10k.

One final thing, on Christmas Eve Daily Post challenged us to blog every day for a week.  I am aiming to do that too, starting today.  Considering my blogging has been very hit and miss recently, wish me luck!

Exercise – Favourite?

Daily Post #221 – What is your favorite way to get exercise?

What is your favorite way to get physical exercise?  Least favorite? What form of exercise have you always wanted to try? What about mental exercise?

Favourite exercise?  I’m not sure I have one after all variety is the spice of life and I definitely need variety when it comes to exercise.  I exercise so that I can maintain/lose weight and still eat the treats that I want to eat – I can’t live without my chocolate and cake etc!

So, what exercise do I enjoy?  Kettlebells!  Love kettlebells.  Never heard of them?  Do a search and watch some YouTube videos.  Why do I love them?  They are a great all round exercise for both cardio and strength and you burn about 100 calories for 10 minutes!  What’s not to love?

I also enjoy some exercise DVDs and games.  I like the Biggest Loser (UK) exercise DVD and the Biggest Loser (US) game for the Wii.  I also use SparkPeople’s workout videos from their website or YouTube.  I find them a really effective, tough workout and I thought I was relatively fit!

Finally, I also go swimming or running.  I enjoy the swimming but not the running so much although I do feel a sense of achievement when I finish the 10k Run for All every year especially when I know that I have raised money for charity by doing it.

Race for Life – training

I am running the 5k Race for Life on Sunday 19 June 2011 which is 6 weeks (yesterday) as a warm up to my 10k run (Run for All) on Sunday 31 July 2011 (12 weeks yesterday). As mentioned in a previous blog, I am using the Race for Life’s 5k jogging training plan to train for the 5k. As it is a 6 week training plan, with a week that goes from Monday to Sunday, today is DAY 1.

I went to the gym this morning to do the training run on the treadmill. Today’s session was a 30 minute interval session (3 min walk:3 min jog, repeat 5 times). The distance goal was 3.1k. I set my walk:run speeds as 6k/hr:9k/hr and off I went. I can’t say that it was easy as I haven’t done much running training in recent months, due to the Swimathon training, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be either 🙂 Including my cooldown (5 minutes) I covered 4.27km in 35 minutes which is a fair bit further than the 3.1k I was supposed to be aiming for.

The next session is a 20 minute walk/run (2.1k) – 10 minute walk then 10 min jog. I’m not sure I can keep the 9k/hr pace going for 10 minutes but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll reduce it down to 8 or 8.5.

Here We Go Again

I’ve tried this before and I am going to try again. I say that I am going to blog more about my healthy living journey and then I forget or can’t think about what to write. I used to write on my blog on SparkPeople about anything health and weight loss related but I’m going to transfer it to this blog as I can write blogs on my iPhone for WordPress.

So, here we go again with more training for an event. I have already done the Swimathon 🙂 and am now starting the training for the Race for Life. I will be taking part in the 5km run on Sunday 19 June 2011 and hope to beat my previous time of 37 minutes. In fact, I hope to break the 35 minute mark. I haven’t participated in the Race for Life since 2006, I think, as they keep holding the one near me on a Sunday afternoon and I work Sundays! I have booked the day off as holiday this year so that I can take part. I have run 5km since my last Race for Life event though. In fact, SparkPeople are encouraging its members to take part in Virtual Races. I took part in one during the week after I did the Swimathon and clocked a time of 38 minutes. I was quite pleased with this time as I hadn’t done any run training for a while as most of my cardio training had been done in the pool. I also ran the 5k on the treadmill and used it as a training session to gauge my running fitness. On that run I did a pyramid, starting at 6k/hr and increasing my speed by 0.5k/hr every 500m up to 9k/hr and then reducing it back down again.

I am starting the Race for Life’s 6 week training plan on Monday 9 May but have been doing a Couch to 5k training plan in the meantime. Last week I did week 2 (1 min 30 sec run, 2 min walk) and completed 4.35km in 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down. This morning I did week 3 (1 min 30 sec run, 1 min 30 sec walk, 3 min run, 3 min walk – repeated 3 times followed by a 4 minute jog at 8km/hr) and completed 4.37km in 35 minutes. My walk speed was 6k/hr and my run speed was 10k/hr. I don’t intend to be able to run at 10k/hr for the whole 5k but am using it for my intervals on the treadmill. Next week I am going to complete the other 2 days of week 3 and then start on the Race for Life 6 week training plan the week after.

My husband is also doing a 5km run on 19 June. Not the Race for Life as that is for women only but a run called R U Taking the P..2? which is an event organised by York Knavesmire Harriers for men only. It is an event to raise the awareness of prostate and male cancer and proceeds go to Yorkshire Cancer Research. My husband has never run a 5k. In fact, he doesn’t run at all. So, he is starting from scratch and, as he found it hard to do the standard 1 min run, 1 min walk, we have started him off at 30 sec run, 1 minute 30 sec walk. His run speed is 7.5k/hr and his walk speed is 5.5k/hr. Today, he felt so good at the end of 10 intervals that he ran for 2 minutes on the 10th! He completed 3k in 30 minutes which I think was great, considering 10 minutes of it was for warm up and cool down.

Due to another long weekend with my boy being off school for the Royal Wedding, May Day Bank Holiday and a teacher training day, I will not be back in the gym until Wednesday or Thursday next week.

Step In To Summer

Here I am again, setting myself a new healthy living challenge. Actually, it is a diet and fitness challenge but I am trying to keep away from the word “diet”. It’s a horrible word and encourages people to think that once the “diet” is over they can go back to what they were doing before and everything will be OK. It won’t be! If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it is a lifestyle change and you need to keep it up for the rest of your life. In my case though, it is a diet and fitness challenge to give me a boost as my lifestyle is healthy enough most of the time to keep me within a normal BMI range. However, occasionally, I do put on weight (or maintain) at the higher end of the normal BMI range and I need to try to bring it down so that I have that little bit of leeway.

On January 1 2011, I wrote a blog on SparkPeople setting out my goals for the year. One of those was to lose around 16lbs before my 40th birthday trip to Walt Disney World in September. Up to the end of March 2011, I had lost 4.5lbs. This was a great start for me as my realistic goal (for me) is to lose 1lb per month and get to 147lbs (10st 7lb) by the time I go on holiday.

So, after a “bad” month food wise, I am setting myself an 8 week healthy living challenge to start on Sunday 1 May 2011 and run until Saturday 25 June. I am calling this my “Step In To Summer” Challenge and is based on small changes and baby steps each week:

Week 1: 1-8 May 2011 – log all food and exercise. I don’t have to stay in a calorie range or meet a minimum exercise goal, just log everything. Take starting measurements for chest, waist, hips, belly, thigh, calf and bicep as well as weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

Week 2: 9-14 May 2011: continue to log all food and exercise PLUS set an exercise goal.

Week 3: 15-21 May 2011: continue to log all food and exercise (with an exercise goal) PLUS water. Aim to drink 8 cups of water per day. If I have any diet coke then I have to drink an extra cup of water for each cup of diet coke OR reduce the number of cups of water by the number of cups of diet coke drunk.

Week 4: 22-28 May 2011: continue to log all food, exercise (with exercise goal) and water PLUS stay within calorie range.

Week 5: 29 May-4 June 2011: continue to log all food, stay in calorie range, exercise (with exercise goal) and water PLUS have a minimum of 5 servings of fruit/veg (freggies) per day.

Week 6: 5-11 June 2011: continue to log all food, stay in calorie range, exercise (with exercise goal), drink water and have 5 servings of freggies per day PLUS stay in range for protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Week 7: 12-18 June 2011: same as week 6

Week 8: 19-25 June 2011: same as week 6 PLUS take measurements at the end of the week to see how far I’ve come.

During my 8 week challenge, I am also taking part in the Race for Life and will be training for that. I hope to finish the 5k event on the 19 June 2011 in less than 35 minutes. I can’t remember my previous time from 2006 or 2007 but I think it was around 37 minutes. I am going to follow the Race for Life’s 5k jogging training plan. After that, I will then be training for the Run for All 10k which takes place on 31 July 2011.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Yay! An easy daily/weekly blog post suggestion for me 😀

Anyone who read my blog about travel money cards last year will know that I am going on holiday with my husband, son and step-daughter this year as I was looking at what was out there for those of us who are travelling and don’t want to take a lot of cash.

As a Disney (especially Eeyore and Pooh) nut, I have been planning this year’s holiday for about 5 years or so when I decided that I wanted to go back to Disney for my 40th birthday. It is my 40th birthday in September 2011 (actually it is on the 10th anniversary of 9/11) and what better place for me to celebrate than at the “happiest place on earth”? It is also my step-daughter’s 25th birthday a few days before mine so we invited her to come along with us (she wants to meet Tigger so I can see a meal at Crystal Palace during our stay).

The other “treat” I wanted for my 40th birthday was to swim with dolphins so I’ll have to see what I can do about that. If I manage to book somewhere to swim with them, that will be another thing to look forward to.

Other things I am looking forward to this year are:

Taking part in the Swimathon – 5,000m swim on 10 April to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care; and the big one which has become an annual event for me

Taking part in the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All 10k in York on 31 July.

Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All 10k – 2 August 2010

I originally posted this on my Sparkpeople.com blog and forgot to post it here. Oh well, it is here now (only 2 months late!) so you can read and enjoy, or not.

I did it, again! I ran the Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All 10km race in York yesterday. After running it last year I knew it would be great and I really enjoyed it. My training in the last few weeks hasn’t been great but I knew I could get round it all, even if I hobbled part of it. I had shin splints about 3-4 weeks ago so had to take the training easier than my training plan. I don’t think I ever did a solid run for more than 20 minutes without walking for at least a minute in the whole of my training plan for the run. Then, to make matters worse, I strained my lower back on Wednesday. However, me being me, I wasn’t about to not do the run even if I had to walk most of it! After all, I have a charity relying on me to raise money for them! Anyway, I had a long soak with muscle relaxing bubble bath on Saturday night and had been stretching out my back since I strained it and it didn’t feel too back on Sunday morning. We (DH, DS and I) walked the 3/4 mile to Knavesmire (York Racecourse) where the run started and finished as we live so close and my back was fine.

The atmosphere at the Knavesmire was great and DH and DS got a cup of coffee and tea. I got a free sports drink and a pace calculating wrist band. Although I finished in 1 hour 14 minutes last year, with the lack of training I had been able to do, I decided to try for a 1 hour 20 minute time this year. We had a few well known faces running with us, although I didn’t see them as they were faster than me, including Look North presenter Harry Gration, jockey Richard Dunwoody and Sir Geoff Hurst. The run was due to start at 9am but I think we finally got underway at about 9.15am.

I set off at what I thought was quite a slow and steady pace, considering the number of runners who were blasting past me, and I resisted looking at my watch when we got to the 1km marker. I did look at the 2km marker and saw that I was well up on my 8 min/km pace at 14 minutes! I knew I wouldn’t keep it up all the way round but when I reached 5km in 35 minutes I knew I had a chance of at least finishing in 1 hour 15 minutes. My back started to twinge when I got to the 7km mark but with 3km to go I was definitely not going to start walking. My pace slowed a bit but I was still withing 1 hour 15 minute pace and reached 8km, and a little hill which felt HUGE, in 58 minutes. I think I slowed a little between the 8 and 9km markers but then sped up again for the final km as there were loads of supporters lining the road. I finally finished in 1 hour 13 minutes and 21 seconds which beat my last year’s time by over a minute.

Now all I have to do is collect my sponsorship money and start planning for next year’s run on 31 July 2011. DH and DS both say that they want to run it with me next year but as DH said that when I finished last year and ended up supporting me again this year I’m not going to hold my breath!