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Race for Life 2014

I’m not doing very well at writing posts when I actually do my events at the moment but here is my post for the Race for Life which I took part in on 22 June 2014.  The York Race for Life takes place on the Knavesmire (York Racecourse) and always has a large turnout as they have both the 5k and the 10k running together, the 10k runners split off after the first 2k.

We left home at about 10.15 am to walk up to the Knavesmire and I then headed straight for the toilet queue.  It’s just as well I did, it was really long!  By the time I got out of the loo they had finished the warm-up and were walking everyone to the start line.  I saw the banner for the walkers so slotted in the middle of the group in front of that which I hoped was the joggers.

The run actually started on time at 11 am 🙂 and it took me 4 minutes to cross the start line.  I started the timer on my watch and began running, well trotting would be more accurate, from the start line.  My husband and son were waiting for me round the first bend with the camera to take pictures but Rob didn’t see me even though I was dancing and jumping about in front of him!  Adam had to shout at him to let him know I was coming.

The first km was easy enough but was marked early.  The second km was harder and my husband did see me to take photos – I didn’t see him.  The 2km marker was late but that was OK.  After the 2nd km, we were finally off the grass and on to the race course service track which we use for the parkrun (it felt odd going the wrong way round it though).  There wasn’t a marker for 3k but I didn’t mind as I had my Garmin to let me know how far I’d gone.  I wasn’t impressed when I got the 4km marker as my Garmin said 3.75km!  I was so glad that I wasn’t relying on my old stopwatch because I’d be thinking that I could probably finish in under 30 minutes.  As it happened, I finished 4.95 km in 31:59.


Race for Life 2014



Race for Life 2013

It is over a week since I completed the Race for Life 5k in York so I’m a bit slow in writing about it.  Never mind, I’m here now.

Up until about 2 weeks before the run my training had been going really well and I was confident that I could finally break the 35 minute mark.  Unfortunately, as usual, events conspired against me so I missed out on some training time.  I knew I’d lose some in the week before the run as it was half term but I’d planned to get one run in along with plenty of walking which I did.  It was the couple of weeks before that that I missed some as I came down with a bad cold, it was quite flu but almost, it completely knocked me out for 3 days!  You can read more about that in my previous blog.

Anyway, the run.  It didn’t start until 11 am which after the lovely weather we had on the Saturday I was dreading as, much as I *love* the sunshine and the heat I didn’t want to run in it.  As it turned out it was lovely, not too hot but not too cold either.  We got to the Knavesmire at about 10.30 am and listened to the Minster FM presenter up on stage.  The warm up started at about 10.45 am and I didn’t really do it as I’d already walked from home and was pretty warm anyway.  Also, by the time the run started I’d have cooled down again anyway!  The lady doing the warm up was great and if I’d been with a group of ladies/girls I think I’d have enjoyed it more than being with my husband and son.  When the warm up was finished there was a bit of time left and Rachel said that what she really wanted to do as a warm up was Ganglam Style.  The crew from Minster FM found it for her and she led the crowd in a second warm up with that.  It was hilarious! You can watch it on Minster FM’s facebook page:

After the 2nd warm up it was time to get ready for the run and we were asked to go and gather around the flag which was right for us – run, jog or walk.  I went to the jog flag.  The run started promptly at 11 am and it took me 2 minutes to get across the start line.  I started off at a gentle jog and got to 2 km after 16 minutes (8 min/km) that was OK and I was feeling good so I picked up the pace a little.  I got to 3 km somewhere between 23 and 24 minutes and was still feeling good.  I don’t know the split for 4 km but I finished the 5 km in 36 minutes 44 seconds and felt as though I could have carried on.

I didn’t break the 35 minutes but I did beat my previous best of 37 minutes ?? seconds so I was happy with that.  Also, the fact that I felt good and could have carried on bodes well for the 10 km Run for All at the beginning of August.  I got my pacing right this time with 8 minute kms to start and getting faster.  If I can do that for the 10 km I may even beat my PB for that too although with my PB being 1 hour 13 minutes I’m not sure starting at 8 min/km pace is going to work.  Best get the training in between now and then 😀

I got a medal for finishing the Race for Life and my husband also bought me a limited edition t-shirt showing names of all the participants of the 2013 Race for Life in York.

Race for Life 2013 t-shirt          Race for Life 2013 medal and entry number

Race for Life is This Weekend!

Oh boy!  The Race for Life 5k is in York this weekend and I’d like to say I’m ready for it but I most definitely am not.  Preparation was going really well and then I had a week where I had meetings and workshops which I had to attend so couldn’t get my runs in.

So training week 4 = 1 run on the treadmill in the gym.  It wasn’t a bad run: 39 minutes and a distance of 4.9 km including the 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.  My average speed was 7.55 km/h and average pace was 7.57 min/km.

Between run 1 of week 4 and the beginning of week 5 I was knocked sideways by a cold (it wasn’t flu but I spent one day in bed and didn’t go to work because I wasn’t fit to drive and wasn’t up to walking the 3 miles each way to work).  I did get 2 runs in last week (week 5) but as I was still getting over the cold they weren’t great:

Week 5, run 1: 26 minutes; 3.17 km
Week 5, run 2: 22 minutes; 2.69 km

This week, week 6, is almost as bad as the last couple as it is half term so I can’t get out running or to the gym much.  Monday was Bank Holiday so we walked to town as a family.  Hey, at least it was exercise and I did get out.  The Man was working yesterday so I was at home with my boy, no run then.  Again, my boy and I did get out for a walk – we walked to Tesco and then home via the butchers.  Not a bad walk, I even recorded them on my Sports Tracker app.  I did get to the gym today for a run and strength training session as it is going to be my one and only this week.

Week 6, run 1: 35 minutes; 4.52 km on treadmill including warm up and cool down

Tomorrow will be more walking as we are going to Durham :).  Finally, Friday is the Farmer’s Market in York so we will be walking in to town once more to go to that.  As the run is on Sunday, I won’t be doing any exercise on Saturday apart from anything which I will do as part of a training day at work.

Here’s hoping that I will manage to get through the Race for Life 5k in a reasonable time.  I was aiming for 35 minutes or less but I think I will be happy with between 35 and 40 minutes.  Then it will be time to start training for the Run for All 10k on 4th August.

Next Up: Race for Life

Now that the Swimathon is over for another year and I finished with such a huge PB, I have the motivation to try to smash a few other PBs this year too.  For the past couple of years, my running seems to have got slower at the Race for Life and Run for All events.  I know why, it’s because I didn’t train as much as I should because I don’t like running outside at the best of times and when it’s raining I will find any excuse not to go.  Thanks to the weather last year, I didn’t train for the 10k run and ended up finishing in my worst time yet.  Thanks to my husband, that is not going to happen this year.

Last September, my husband decided that he wanted to join a gym again.  So we did.  The weather cannot be an excuse not to train this year as I can still run inside on the treadmill.  I know most people don’t like running on a treadmill, especially once they have run outside, but I’m not one of those people.  I like being able to set the speed I’d like to achieve so that I, either, don’t slack off or don’t go off too fast.

I started my Race for Life 5k training a couple of weeks ago but only completed week 1 last week as I was spending most of my time in the pool preparing for the Swimathon.  I am using the 5k running training plan from the Race for Life’s website.

Today, I started week 2.  Not a bad session for me on the treadmill in the gym.  I set the treadmill to 6km/hr for walking and 9km/hr for running and completed 1 min walk; 2 min run x8 and finished with a 5 minute cool down.  I covered 3.75km in 29 minutes.  I have to do this again on my next training session and then do a 20 minute walk for my 3rd session of the week.  As I am planning on walking to work on Wednesday, 5km each way, I may just use that as my walk and then do the other interval training session on Thursday when I am due in the gym anyway.

Daily Prompt – High Noon

OK, so this was posted on daily post yesterday but as I get my prompts by email and wasn’t on my computer yesterday I missed it.  Never mind, I’m doing it today.  So the prompt for 25th December was:

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Well, I can’t remember what I was doing at noon yesterday, probably something to do with making the lunch – potatoes, carrots, cabbage, yorkshire puddings…

Anyway, I’m posting this today instead so what was I doing at 12.00 noon?  Well, I was/am planning my new fitness programme for January 2013.  So I was looking up 5k and 10k training programmes so that I can be ready for my 5k Race for Life and 10k Run for All runs in the Summer.  I found some great links and will be trying a couple of podcasts this year:

Being in the UK, I started using the NHS Choices Couch to 5k podcast last year but never actually finished it!  It really enjoyed it so think I will try it again this year http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx

5k101 from Running Mate is a free podcast which you can get through iTunes http://runningmatemedia.com/5k-101/

I plan to follow one plan before extending the time I can run for and then follow the other couch to 5k plan with a faster interval speed with the goal of completing the 5k faster or going further on my longer runs in preparation for the 10k.

One final thing, on Christmas Eve Daily Post challenged us to blog every day for a week.  I am aiming to do that too, starting today.  Considering my blogging has been very hit and miss recently, wish me luck!

Race for Life training – week 3

So much for the amount of training I was supposed to do last week, I didn’t do most of it.  I did, however, get in a lot of walking.  The exercise I should have done/did is as follows:

Mon: Plan – 30 min, 3.6k, 2 min power walk then 4 min jog, repeat 10 times – wait, doesn’t that add up to 60 minutes not 30?  I think they mean do 5 times.
Actual – I forgot to check what I was supposed to be doing so I did the 3km benchmark test instead. I completed 3km on the treadmill in 21m 16s.

Tue: Plan – Rest.
Actual – 30 min, 2 min power walk then 4 min jog, x5 (4.55km in 35 min including cool down)

Wed: Plan – Jog, 30 min (3.8km)
Actual – 84 minutes walking (6 miles)

Thu: Plan – 30 min walk (2.4k)
Actual – 109 minutes walking (6.87 miles)

Fri: Plan – Rest
Actual – 80 minutes walking (5.4 miles)

Sat: Plan – Benchmark test 3km
Actual – 38 minutes walking (3.34km, 2.09 miles)

Sun: Plan – 30 min, 3.8k Jog
Actual – 68 minutes walking (6.03km, 3.77 miles)

So, lots of walking but not much running or jogging. Unfortunately, this week isn’t going to be much better due to work and having to stay at home for a couple of engineers on Wednesday. I did the planned 15 min walk, 15 min jog yesterday and have walked for 48 minutes today. I hope to be able to do an exercise DVD or kettlebell training tomorrow and more walking on Thursday. My plan is to go to the gym again on Friday for a full workout including a 30 minute jog.

Race for Life training – week 2

Goodness me!  I’ve got a lot of training to do this week.  The plan was supposed to be as follows but I’m already going to have to change it:

Mon: 30 min, 3.6k, 2 min power walk then 4 min jog, repeat 10 times – wait, doesn’t that add up to 60 minutes not 30?  I think they mean do 5 times.
Tue: Rest
Wed: Jog, 30 min (3.8km)
Thu: 30 min walk (2.4k)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Benchmark test 3km
Sun: 30 min, 3.8k Jog

Well, as I already said I am going to have to change the plan slightly. Why? Because I forgot to look at the training plan before I went to the gym this morning and didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, that’s why! So, I did the 3km benchmark test this morning – 21 min 16 sec for 3km. I am going back to the gym tomorrow with my husband so I will do the 2 min power walk, 5 min jog x5. I will then do the jog on Wednesday and the walk on Thursday. I can’t go running on Sunday due to work so will do that 30 min jog on Friday when I go to the gym.

Challenge, Race for Life …

After a good start to blogging about my current healthy living challenge and my Race for Life training last week, I hit a bump over the weekend when I didn’t blog because I wasn’t on the computer.  Anyway, I am here now with a quick update.

After a rocky start, the week went really well and I lost 3/4lb. I have continued to log my food and exercise and the additional challenge this week was to set a goal for the amount of exercise I am going to do. I set a goal of 300 minutes. Up until today, I wasn’t sure I was going to even come close as I didn’t do any exercise on Tuesday and I set the goal forgetting that I wouldn’t be exercising on Tuesday. Fortunately, I did 15 minutes of strength training (ST) on Sunday, 60 minutes in the gym on Monday, 60 minutes in the gym yesterday (Wednesday) and then walked over 6 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes today for a total so far of 235 minutes. I only have to do 65 minutes over the next two days to meet my goal.

My nutrition this week has been good too with calorie intake either being at the bottom end or under the range set for me on SparkPeople. Before anyone starts thinking that this means that I am going under 1,200 calories (the recommended lowest limit for women) let me say that my range, due to my exercise and weight loss goal (1/2lb per week), is 1,630-1,980.

I did my second Race for Life training session yesterday – 10 minute walk (6k/hr) followed by 10 minute jog (8.5k/hr). The distance target given was 2.1km and I did 2.41km. The jog felt comfortable and I am glad that I decided to set the speed on the treadmill to 8.5k/hr and not 9 as I think I may have struggled with that. Going to the gym for the next training session tomorrow – 30 minutes, 3.5km (3 min walk, 3 min power walk x5). I think I will be setting the treadmill up at 6k for the walk and 7.5k for the “power” walk. I then have rest days on Saturday and Sunday.

Race for Life – training

I am running the 5k Race for Life on Sunday 19 June 2011 which is 6 weeks (yesterday) as a warm up to my 10k run (Run for All) on Sunday 31 July 2011 (12 weeks yesterday). As mentioned in a previous blog, I am using the Race for Life’s 5k jogging training plan to train for the 5k. As it is a 6 week training plan, with a week that goes from Monday to Sunday, today is DAY 1.

I went to the gym this morning to do the training run on the treadmill. Today’s session was a 30 minute interval session (3 min walk:3 min jog, repeat 5 times). The distance goal was 3.1k. I set my walk:run speeds as 6k/hr:9k/hr and off I went. I can’t say that it was easy as I haven’t done much running training in recent months, due to the Swimathon training, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be either 🙂 Including my cooldown (5 minutes) I covered 4.27km in 35 minutes which is a fair bit further than the 3.1k I was supposed to be aiming for.

The next session is a 20 minute walk/run (2.1k) – 10 minute walk then 10 min jog. I’m not sure I can keep the 9k/hr pace going for 10 minutes but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll reduce it down to 8 or 8.5.

Here We Go Again

I’ve tried this before and I am going to try again. I say that I am going to blog more about my healthy living journey and then I forget or can’t think about what to write. I used to write on my blog on SparkPeople about anything health and weight loss related but I’m going to transfer it to this blog as I can write blogs on my iPhone for WordPress.

So, here we go again with more training for an event. I have already done the Swimathon 🙂 and am now starting the training for the Race for Life. I will be taking part in the 5km run on Sunday 19 June 2011 and hope to beat my previous time of 37 minutes. In fact, I hope to break the 35 minute mark. I haven’t participated in the Race for Life since 2006, I think, as they keep holding the one near me on a Sunday afternoon and I work Sundays! I have booked the day off as holiday this year so that I can take part. I have run 5km since my last Race for Life event though. In fact, SparkPeople are encouraging its members to take part in Virtual Races. I took part in one during the week after I did the Swimathon and clocked a time of 38 minutes. I was quite pleased with this time as I hadn’t done any run training for a while as most of my cardio training had been done in the pool. I also ran the 5k on the treadmill and used it as a training session to gauge my running fitness. On that run I did a pyramid, starting at 6k/hr and increasing my speed by 0.5k/hr every 500m up to 9k/hr and then reducing it back down again.

I am starting the Race for Life’s 6 week training plan on Monday 9 May but have been doing a Couch to 5k training plan in the meantime. Last week I did week 2 (1 min 30 sec run, 2 min walk) and completed 4.35km in 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down. This morning I did week 3 (1 min 30 sec run, 1 min 30 sec walk, 3 min run, 3 min walk – repeated 3 times followed by a 4 minute jog at 8km/hr) and completed 4.37km in 35 minutes. My walk speed was 6k/hr and my run speed was 10k/hr. I don’t intend to be able to run at 10k/hr for the whole 5k but am using it for my intervals on the treadmill. Next week I am going to complete the other 2 days of week 3 and then start on the Race for Life 6 week training plan the week after.

My husband is also doing a 5km run on 19 June. Not the Race for Life as that is for women only but a run called R U Taking the P..2? which is an event organised by York Knavesmire Harriers for men only. It is an event to raise the awareness of prostate and male cancer and proceeds go to Yorkshire Cancer Research. My husband has never run a 5k. In fact, he doesn’t run at all. So, he is starting from scratch and, as he found it hard to do the standard 1 min run, 1 min walk, we have started him off at 30 sec run, 1 minute 30 sec walk. His run speed is 7.5k/hr and his walk speed is 5.5k/hr. Today, he felt so good at the end of 10 intervals that he ran for 2 minutes on the 10th! He completed 3k in 30 minutes which I think was great, considering 10 minutes of it was for warm up and cool down.

Due to another long weekend with my boy being off school for the Royal Wedding, May Day Bank Holiday and a teacher training day, I will not be back in the gym until Wednesday or Thursday next week.