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Journal Jar – Worst Holiday Memory

What is your worst holiday memory?

When I first read this prompt, I thought it meant holiday as in Christmas, Easter, New Year etc. and maybe it does but then I wondered if it maybe meant holiday as in vacation.  As it is an American prompt, I was probably right the first time as otherwise it would say vacation, yes?

So, I’m going to take it to mean my worst Christmas, Easter, New Year, or whatever, memory.  I’ll be honest, I don’t have any really bad holiday memories and I’m probably really scraping the barrel here but my worst holidays are the ones when my husband isn’t here or when Adam has a migraine and ends up throwing up everywhere.  To be fair though, even those occasions aren’t all that bad.


Journal Jar: Cousins

I still have my journal jar prompts and will be posting more posts using them in 2016.

Do you have special childhood memories of playing with cousins? Talk about them.

Most of my memories of playing with cousins are from when we were all quite young.  As my family lived in various countries when I was growing up, we didn’t see our cousins very often.  We didn’t keep in touch very well either as we didn’t have all the internet technology to keep us together.

However, I had quite a close friendship with one of my cousins.  He is 8 months older than me.  When I went to boarding school my grandma was originally my guardian and I would go to her house every weekend.  My cousin would come over with his parents every Sunday for dinner and we would play in the garden.  He taught me how to throw and catch a ball – I was rubbish but as I was on the rounders team it was a useful skill to have.  I taught him how to roller skate and we’d go up to the park and roller skate through it.