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Journal Jar – Favourite toy?

I decided to put my hand in my Journal Jar again and today I came out with:

Did you have a favourite blanket or toy? Tell about it.

I did have a favourite toy as a child.  I had a blue and pink bear called Herbert.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember much about him as he decided to take a trip out of the packing box when we moved between countries.  I don’t know why he wasn’t travelling with me in my bag on the plane but he wasn’t so he got lost.  After he got lost, my dad bought me a Care Bear (Grumpy Bear) and named him Bill.  He was then my favourite.  I gave Bill to Adam when he was little but he is now back to being mine and sits on a shelf in the bedroom with my Eeyore and a few other cuddly toys.


Journal Jar – Favourite Animal? Why?

What is your favourite animal?  Tell why.

Oh! This is another hard one.  I have a few favourite animals but I really don’t know why I like them.

I’ve always loved dolphins, I don’t know why but I always have.  More recently it’s been because of the evidence which shows that they interact very well with disabled people.  Certainly, Adam enjoyed it as much as we did and interacted really well.

I also like dogs, lions, elephants, giraffes …

Journal Jar – Worst Holiday Memory

What is your worst holiday memory?

When I first read this prompt, I thought it meant holiday as in Christmas, Easter, New Year etc. and maybe it does but then I wondered if it maybe meant holiday as in vacation.  As it is an American prompt, I was probably right the first time as otherwise it would say vacation, yes?

So, I’m going to take it to mean my worst Christmas, Easter, New Year, or whatever, memory.  I’ll be honest, I don’t have any really bad holiday memories and I’m probably really scraping the barrel here but my worst holidays are the ones when my husband isn’t here or when Adam has a migraine and ends up throwing up everywhere.  To be fair though, even those occasions aren’t all that bad.

Journal Jar – Special Skills

What special skills did you learn as a child? Who taught you?

Cooking and baking – they are special skills, right?  My mum and grandma taught me to cook and bake.  They also taught me to read recipes and adapt them if necessary.  Also, to value to the recipes which have been handed down through the generations and pass them on.

My mum also taught me to swim and ride a bike.

My family taught me the importance of listening to and not judging people when they are upset and need to vent.

Journal Jar – Best Subjects at School

What were  your best and worst subjects in elementary school? In middle school? In high school?

OK, this is what I get for getting my journal jar prompts from an American site.  Elementary, middle and high school?  We have infants, junior and senior or primary and senior.  Just need to do a quick bit of research…

According to Wikipedia – Education in the US, elementary school is the same as primary school in the UK, from 5-11 or 12, middle school (or junior high) is from 11-14 and high school is from 14-18.

So, here are my answers to today’s prompt:

My best subjects in primary school were Maths, English and Geography.  My worst subject was definitely History, I could never remember all the dates of the Kings and Queens of England!

My best subjects in what we now know as KS3, were still Maths, English and Geography but I also enjoyed German.  My worst subject was still history and I gave History up when I chose my subjects for GCSE.

So, on to the high school age group.  This is actually quite hard as in the UK we split high school into the GCSE part – up to age 16 – and then, if you wanted, you can leave and go to work or you can continue to A-Levels.  My best subjects at GCSE were English and German, I also enjoyed Maths and Geography.  My worst subject was Physics, in fact I took the GCSE exam twice!  For A-Level, I only took English Literature, Geography and German and didn’t do very well at any of them.  I loved Geography though and would have gone to do a degree in Geography if I’d got the grades I needed.

Which were your best and worst subjects at school?  Do you like them now?
I actually quite like history now that I can choose which parts I want to learn about.  I still don’t know the dates for the Kings and Queens of England though 😉

Journal Jar: Bicycle

Did you have a bicycle as a child? What was it like?

I learnt to ride a bike when I was 6 or 7 when living in Malawi.  The bike was second hand, blue, too big for me and didn’t have stabilisers.  I  remember my mum running behind me holding on to the back of the seat while I got my balance before letting go.  Just as well it was too tall for me as mum didn’t have to bend down.

My second bike was a second hand purple Raleigh Chopper.

Journal Jar: Cousins

I still have my journal jar prompts and will be posting more posts using them in 2016.

Do you have special childhood memories of playing with cousins? Talk about them.

Most of my memories of playing with cousins are from when we were all quite young.  As my family lived in various countries when I was growing up, we didn’t see our cousins very often.  We didn’t keep in touch very well either as we didn’t have all the internet technology to keep us together.

However, I had quite a close friendship with one of my cousins.  He is 8 months older than me.  When I went to boarding school my grandma was originally my guardian and I would go to her house every weekend.  My cousin would come over with his parents every Sunday for dinner and we would play in the garden.  He taught me how to throw and catch a ball – I was rubbish but as I was on the rounders team it was a useful skill to have.  I taught him how to roller skate and we’d go up to the park and roller skate through it.

How Are Your Children the Same? And Different? – Journal Jar prompt

Journal JarIt’s a while since I pulled a blog prompt out of my Journal Jar but this evening I decided to do just that.

How are your children the same? How are they different?

I actually only have one child so I could opt out of this question but as I have step-children and they are my son’s half siblings I’ll answer it, sort of.

My son is different in lots of ways, not least because of his disability and his love/obsession with Disney World.  However, he also shares some similarities with his brother and sister.  You can tell that they are all related – they have the same cheeks.  This was probably more evident when they were all younger but the similarities are still there.  The boys are both skinny, beanpoles – it’ll catch up with them one day!  They all enjoy ganging up on Dad too 😉

With his big sister, in 2002

With his big sister, in 2002

I don't know how they all fitted in the house but as they were all aged 12 or under at the time (1999) they managed it!

I don’t know how they all fitted in the house but as they were all aged 12 or under at the time (1999) they managed it!

Frightened? Me?

Journal Jar I haven’t posted a Journal Jar post for a while so I thought I’d post one this week.  The next prompt out of my jar is:

What can frighten you the most and why?

A lot of things can, and do, frighten me.

Drivers not paying attention and doing silly things;

My son growing up and walking to college on his own;

Leaving my son one day in the hands of, essentially, strangers and hoping that they will care for his welfare without taking advantage of him.  This one is probably the one which frightens me the most.  I know every parent worries about their children as they grow up and hope that they won’t be taken for a ride but, the difference is, most children will speak up and take action.  Those of us with children with disabilities know that they don’t always do that.  So, I’m sorry, I’m going to be holding on to the apron strings as long as possible, even if it is a very long apron string when Adam finally decides he is ready to move out of home.

Journal Jar: 11 – Books

The next Journal Jar prompt I pulled out reads:

What do books mean to you?

Books are a relief from boredom.  They help me kill time when waiting for appointments, sitting on a train, waiting for a plane and so much more.

Books also impart knowledge and allow me to learn.

Journal Jar