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Journal Jar – Worst Holiday Memory

What is your worst holiday memory?

When I first read this prompt, I thought it meant holiday as in Christmas, Easter, New Year etc. and maybe it does but then I wondered if it maybe meant holiday as in vacation.  As it is an American prompt, I was probably right the first time as otherwise it would say vacation, yes?

So, I’m going to take it to mean my worst Christmas, Easter, New Year, or whatever, memory.  I’ll be honest, I don’t have any really bad holiday memories and I’m probably really scraping the barrel here but my worst holidays are the ones when my husband isn’t here or when Adam has a migraine and ends up throwing up everywhere.  To be fair though, even those occasions aren’t all that bad.


Why was it fab?

We went to Walt Disney World for the February half term and when we came back everyone asked how our holiday was. I said it was fab, wonderful, fantastic – all those words which I usually use.  My mum asked me “Why was it fab?”  I was stumped.  I can’t explain why it was one of the best holidays we’ve had.  WDW, or any Disney holiday for that matter, is always a good holiday.  It’s why we keep going back.  It’s hard to put it into words but, for us, it really is like coming home.  So, why do we keep going back?  So much so that we decided to join Disney Vacation Club back in 2009 so that we now only have to worry about finding money for the air fare, park tickets and food?

Could it be the fact that as soon as you arrive at Orlando International Airport and check in for the Magical Express we are definitely feeling the Disney difference?  No driving to the resort for us.  Just as well, the last thing my husband or I want to do is to drive after a 9 hour flight, on the wrong side of the road, not knowing where we are going.  We’ll leave the hire car for a couple of days later.

Maybe it’s because the cast members welcome you with a smile and explain everything carefully.  They also don’t mind that my son it picking up a copy of every leaflet they have on display and is constantly pointing things out to us while they are trying to explain our check-in papers.

On this last trip there was also some new stuff for us to see following the Fantasyland expansion in Magic Kingdom and the re-imagined Test Track in Epcot.  We also tried some old attractions which we’d never looked at before because my son wasn’t ready.  I can’t think why we never really looked round Innoventions at Epcot.  I liked the new disability guest assistance pass/system they have now introduced.  On previous trips, we have been able to get a Guest Assistance Card and use it to go through the Fastpass entrance to most attractions.  Now, you have to go and get a return time and then go back through the Fastpass entrance.  I think it’s better because I think it is fairer to those who haven’t been able to get a Fastpass time and have to wait in line.  We now have to wait the same length of time as the main queue but we can wait somewhere more suitable for our son, even if it isn’t very far from the entrance to the attraction.

The main reason I think this trip was fab is because we were all relaxed.  We had planned to take part in the runDisney Royal Family 5K and went to the Expo – that was brilliant and if I hadn’t had to fit everything in a suitcase, with a weight limit, I could have spent a lot of money!  We had also booked Cirque du Soleil – awesome!  We need to go again because I’m sure I missed loads.  Finally, we also went on the Wild Africa Trek.  We had been planning to go to Kennedy Space Centre but my son picked up a leaflet about the Wild Africa Trek and my husband wanted to go.  It was amazing.  We had two guides behind the scenes of Kilimanjaro Safari.  We went over a rickety rope bridge over the hippos.  We also stopped off for a light lunch/snack.

Finally, we had a lot of character meals as we had the dining plan on this trip.  I wouldn’t usually get the dining plan as it really is too much for us – my son and I could have shared a pizza at Via Napoli but as we were on the dining plan we had to get one each.  We tried some new restaurants – some we will definitely go back to (Liberty Tree Tavern) and some we won’t (1900 Park Fare, Sci-Fi Diner).

Oh, and one more thing, we upgraded our hire car to a Mustang 😀