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Journal Jar – Family Reunions

Another journal jar prompt about family.  Oh dear!

Tell about family reunions you have attended.

I’d love to tell you about family reunions but I haven’t been to any!  Unless you count my mother-in-law’s funeral.  I suppose it was a kind of reunion, I mean most of my husband’s family were there as well as friends of my mother-in-law.

What I remember most was me taking my son, step-daughter, step-son and their grandparents to the pub while we left the rest of the family, including my husband, at the wake.  We did then go back to talk to the rest of the family but I think my son and step-children needed a break and with 2 pubs in the village that was our best option.


Journal Jar – Favourite Aunt or Uncle

Another blog prompt from my Journal Jar:

Tell about your favourite aunt or uncle.  Were you close?  What do you remember most?

To be honest, my family aren’t particularly close.  I can go for weeks, or even months, not speaking to my parents or sister.  It’s not that we are estranged or anything, it’s just that we don’t talk much.  I think it stems from being at boarding school before all of the technology we have now so we didn’t see/speak to each other for 3 months at a time and it kind of stuck.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about a favourite aunt or uncle.  I don’t have a favourite but I guess the one I knew most was my mum’s brother as I spent a lot of weekends at my grandma’s while I was at school and he’d often bring my cousin over.  I remember his bald head and his beard but not much else.  I know he had a great sense of humour and made me laugh with stories of my mum as a child.

How Are Your Children the Same? And Different? – Journal Jar prompt

Journal JarIt’s a while since I pulled a blog prompt out of my Journal Jar but this evening I decided to do just that.

How are your children the same? How are they different?

I actually only have one child so I could opt out of this question but as I have step-children and they are my son’s half siblings I’ll answer it, sort of.

My son is different in lots of ways, not least because of his disability and his love/obsession with Disney World.  However, he also shares some similarities with his brother and sister.  You can tell that they are all related – they have the same cheeks.  This was probably more evident when they were all younger but the similarities are still there.  The boys are both skinny, beanpoles – it’ll catch up with them one day!  They all enjoy ganging up on Dad too 😉

With his big sister, in 2002
With his big sister, in 2002
I don't know how they all fitted in the house but as they were all aged 12 or under at the time (1999) they managed it!
I don’t know how they all fitted in the house but as they were all aged 12 or under at the time (1999) they managed it!

We are Family

This week’s weekly photo challenge: Family

What is family? For some, family is defined by genetics. For others, it is simply those with whom you share a bond of love.

I have more than one family.  I do, of course have the family I was born into, the family I married into and the family I created with my husband.

Celebrating my stepdaughter’s birthday at WDW, my birthday was 4 days later 😀

Roll on the Weekend!

Please can we get to the weekend, I need sleep!  Or at least a day where I’m not stressing about getting my son up and out of the door.  I don’t know what has happened over the past week or two but it is getting ridiculous, I am struggling to get him up and ready to be out of the door in time for the bus.  It’s not as if he has a lot to do in the mornings, God help me if I asked him to put his lunch together as well as get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, clean his teeth and put on his shoes and coat.  I think I’d be trying to get him out of bed at 6.30 am instead of 7.15 am.

The past week and a half have gone something like this:

7 am – I get up and go to use the bathroom calling good morning to my son on my way past his bedroom door.
7.10am – I finish in the bathroom and go into his room to try to get him out of bed and give the duvet a gentle tug.  At which point he pulls the duvet over his head and says “No, I will do it!”
“OK” I say, “I’ll be back in about 5 minutes to pull the duvet off because you won’t have done it”.  Off I go into my bedroom to get dressed.
7.15 am – Back into my son’s room to pull his duvet off.  By this time, he’s well and truly hiding under it and wrapped up.  So, I pull. “No, I will do it!” comes the response, again.  Sorry, sunshine you haven’t done it in the past 15 minutes so I will do it.  He pulls quite hard to try to keep the duvet but as he weighs less than 8 1/2 stone and I weigh close to 11 stone, there really isn’t much of a fight.  With the duvet off, I go downstairs to get everything ready for breakfast and pack the lunches.
7.30 am – On a normal, good day my son is downstairs by now and helping me with breakfast.  He usually comes in and asks if I need a knife, fork, spoon, bowl, plate etc.  Usually, I’ve got everything and he is just killing some time before he sits down to eat his cereal or toast and drink his mug of tea.  This past week?  I’m going back upstairs to see if he has a migraine or something because I haven’t heard movement except for a trip to the bathroom.  This week, I’ve been lucky to get my son downstairs by 7.35 am!
7.45 am – Should be upstairs cleaning teeth.  No, still eating breakfast and drinking tea!
7.48 am – Finally upstairs cleaning teeth.  We have an electric toothbrush with a timer which times 2 minutes – his teeth look so much better since we’ve had it – so it takes around 4 minutes to complete the teeth brushing process.  He should clean his face after brushing his teeth but he hasn’t had time.
7.53 am – Run downstairs to put shoes on and a last check to make sure he has everything.
7.55 am – Bus arrives, he’s still tying shoe laces!

I can cope with this once or twice a week but for 10 school days in a row it’s getting silly.  If I thought it would work, I’d get myself and him up earlier but I know I’ll just end up even more stressed and tired.  Besides, I think his behaviour is due to a build up to a migraine as he woke up with a “sore head” (his words not mine) on Saturday and was pasty white.  He rallied round and was better by lunch time because he knew I was going to the Swimathon on Saturday afternoon and there was no-one else at home to stay with him.  He has had a few headaches in the past few weeks which we have stopped with pain killers before they get too bad so I know there is a whopper brewing in there somewhere.  I just wish it would come out so we can get our morning routine back.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the bedtime routine.  That’s almost as bad!  OK, rant over.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This week’s Photo Challenge is “together”.  Unsurprisingly, my most cherished together photos are those of my family but, surprisingly, not all of them are from my favourite place on earth Disney (I’ve snuck in one or two though 😉 )

First up is a photo of my son and step-kids from back in 1999 when they all somehow managed to get into my son’s plastic play house

Next up is a photo of my stepdaughter and my son sitting together on a bus in 2004.

Finally, yes, one or two from our last trip to Florida.  Happy Birthday Becky!  and Happy Birthday to me!