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Getting Back On Track

I am slowly getting myself back on track with regards to exercising, weight management and general wellbeing.  My year started out OK with the usual post-Christmas weight loss and push back into exercise but then it stalled.

As I hadn’t been going to the gym, and I couldn’t really afford to keep paying for it anyway, I cancelled my gym membership.  As a result, I stopped doing strength training.  I really have no excuse for stopping.  I mean, I can do body weight exercises and I do have resistance bands and a kettlebell at home.  So, why don’t I use them?  For some reason, I don’t like getting dressed for exercise at home, unless I’m going out for a run, and when I come home from a run I don’t have time to do anything more than a post-run stretch.  Actually, the reason is probably more along the lines of I don’t have time when no-one else is at home – I don’t like being interrupted while exercising.

I have been running quite a lot this year though.  However, that also stalled as I started the year doing a lot of run/walk pacing at parkrun and running with my husband.  So, while I have been getting out running 2 to 3 times peach week, my running didn’t improve.  That is until I took a week off parkrun and Adam ran with a friend of ours at parkrun and ran the fastest 5k he’s run in over 2 years!  The following week I ran with Adam and our friend and ran my fastest time since April 2015 when I set my 5k PB of 29:21.

At the beginning of September, I went to get weighed at Weight Watchers hoping that I hadn’t put on so much weight over the 6 weeks of the Summer holidays that I’d have to pay for the first time in over 3 years – yes, I’ve been a Gold Member for over 3 years!  Fortunately, I didn’t.  I put on 2.5lbs in 6 weeks but I am still within 5lbs of my goal weight 😀

Last week, my Weight Watchers Coach gave us all a goal setting piece of paper and said we could fill it in if we wanted to.  I decided that as I was on a roll with getting my exercise back on track, I started a 5k to 10k training plan using an app from, and was starting to feel good that I would fill it in.  I shared some of the information on to our meetings’ facebook group and thought I’d also share it here:

Milestones for 2017 (so far)

  • Ran my fasted 5k since 2015 – now sub-32 minutes
  • Maintained my weight for a 3rd year

I am proud of myself because …

I returned to meetings at the first opportunity after working all of the Summer holidays rather than waiting a week to see if I could lose a bit of weight first

Goals for the next 4 weeks

  • Lose 1/2lb per week
  • Run the York 10 Mile on 7th October 2017
  • Attend the Weight Watchers meeting EVERY week

Goals by Christmas

  • Lose 7lbs to give me an extra “cushion” for Christmas
  • Run sub-31 5k and maybe even get back under 30 minutes

To be more successful in my journey I need to …

Write down everything I eat, as I eat it!

Since writing my goals, I have achieved one of them – I ran sub-31 minutes at parkrun yesterday 😀  The York 10 Mile is next week and Adam and I will be running for SNAPPY, again


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100th parkrun Completed!

I haven’t written on my blog for months!  Since May 2016, in fact.  Sorry, life got in the way a little.  I’ll catch up with everything that has happened in the 2nd half of 2016 over the next couple of weeks, I hope.

First though, I completed my 100th parkrun this morning!!!   I ran in the heavy rain and hail with the wind blowing it horizontal on Christmas Eve and then ran Christmas Day parkrun just so I could do the 100th one this year.  It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been doing parkrun since August 2013 but took about 3 months off earlier this year while it was cold and wet and couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed, lol.


Over the past few months, Adam has decided that he’d rather volunteer than run (his dad is now volunteering as the photographer most weeks) so he needs to do another 15 parkruns to get his 100.  He’s well on his way to his volunteer 25 t-shirt though.

Finally back to parkrun

It’s been a while, and I apologise, that thing called Life got in the way.  After the very soggy parkrun in January, Adam and I only managed one more (on 30th January) and then didn’t run at all until this morning.

After the very wet feet which led to white, numb toes and fingers, I decided that maybe running when there was a chance of having to run through a lot of big puddles wasn’t a good idea.  So, not a lot of running on Saturday mornings.  On the other Saturdays, either Adam was sick, I was sick or I had to be at work by 10 am instead of 11 am.  Whatever the reason, we haven’t run in over 10 weeks.  What? 10 weeks?!?  That’s ridiculous!

Anyway, this week, I decided that we were going back regardless of the weather and the possibility of huge puddles across the track – there were 3 big puddles which you had to run through or pick your way through the mud, we chose to get very wet rather than very muddy.  Fortunately, the sun was shining this morning so it was fairly easy to get out of bed and, more importantly, get Adam out of bed.  I’m sure Adam would have tried to stay in bed for an extra half hour if he could but, as he really wants to run the Great Yorkshire Run in July, the York 10K in August and the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon in September, we had to get back out there.

As we haven’t run, at all, for over 2 months, I decided to take us back to the beginning and do run:walk intervals of 1:1.  I knew it would be easy and slow but I wanted to give Adam something very manageable.  However, at the start there were so many people, and 2 big puddles to go through, that the first run minute was actually a walk (to get to the start line!), so we ran for 2 minutes to get us back on the right intervals – I can’t have my watch telling me that it is a “walk” when it’s a run or vice versa.

After the initial 500m or so, the pack of runners had spread out, especially as we were taking walk breaks after every minute of running.  The first km was just under 8 minutes but we managed to speed up for the other 4 km to finish in just under 37 minutes.  Not bad considering we haven’t done any training for 10 weeks.


I really enjoyed this morning’s run and am looking forward to next week when I’m going to increase the run interval to 1m30s 🙂  Slowly but surely, we’ll get back to our 5:1 intervals and I may even get back to being able to run the full 5K when training on my own.

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A busy week and a lazy parkrun

With the end of the month looming – where did the month go, anyway? – I have been very busy.  31 January is the deadline for self assessment tax returns to be filed online, and any tax owed to be paid.  The end of the month is also the deadline for VAT for some businesses.  So, needless to say a bookkeeper is very busy in January if they, or their clients, aren’t particularly organised in November or December.  I’m back on track with that part of my work and met all my deadlines by Wednesday afternoon.

Apart from work, I’d love to say that I am getting back on track with the exercise too but that just would not be true.  I went to the gym for a session with my trainer on Monday afternoon.  I love being able to go to the gym during the day – the advantage of self-employment and working from home 3 days a week.  I walked to work on Wednesday, a lovely hour’s walk there and about an hour and a half home as I took a detour to go and see a client.  Thursday was weigh-day at Weight Watchers so that was another walking day 🙂 and I lost 1lb this week 😀 only another 3 to go to get back to my Gold member weight.  Yesterday was another day at work although I did get a walk in to town fitted in.

So, we are on to today when Adam and I finally made it to our 2nd parkrun of the year.  It was a very slow 5k run this morning, just under 35 minutes!  I know Adam could have gone faster – he ran the last 400m on his own and finished 8 seconds ahead of me.  Why was I so slow?  Surely I couldn’t have lost so much pace from not running for 3 weeks?  After all, I’ve still been walking (fast) quite a bit and still going to the gym.  The reason I was slow was sore shins and a hip which has been niggling me for about a week.  Also, with the freezing weather, and wind, which we had this morning my back decided to sieze.  Ah well, I finished in under 35 minutes so that’s still good.  And, I got back out there.  Think I need to get back out running during the week too so that I can get Adam going faster again.

Hope you’ve all had a great week.

Janathon and Jantastic took a dive

It wasn’t my fault, honest.  I was doing really well with the “some form of exercise” every day in January for Janathon and the 3 times a week running or swimming for Janathon then the flu hit me last week and that was it, I was out for the count.  I’m blaming Adam, he brought it home and shared it with me 😦  Unlike Adam (who gets a flu jab every year), I went crumbling down and couldn’t get up for 2 days and didn’t leave the house, except to go and get lemsip from the pharmacy on the corner, for 4 days.  Huh!  Now I think about it, I did at least walk somewhere for more than 10 minutes every day except Wednesday when I really couldn’t get out of bed so I only missed one day in January.  However, I didn’t log it or blog/tweet about it so Janathon = fail!

I am, however, slowly getting better and will be back in the gym tomorrow after walking to Tesco to get a few bits today.  Let’s see if I can do some form of exercise every day during February instead of January.

I’m going to use one of my Joker weeks for this week in Jantastic and hope that I don’t have another bad week between now and the end of March.

Janathon and Jantastic Week 1

OK, I know I joined Janathon to, firstly, to make sure I exercised every day but also to try to encourage myself to blog a bit more – oops!  I kinda slipped up there, huh?  I have a good, OK not good, mediocre reason for this.  I’ve been busy and this is not a purely exercise based blog, at least it’s not supposed to be.  When I started writing, it was somewhere for me to put down my thoughts and ideas and it slowly evolved in to somewhere for me to share my life journey wherever that takes me.  It is also somewhere for me to share my experiences as a mother of a child with a learning disability (and other stuff due to an undiagnosed syndrome, probably genetic but it hasn’t been discovered yet).

Anyway, I have exercised every day and I tweeted about it each day so I haven’t broken any of the, very few, Janathon rules.  I have also completed 2 runs and 1 swim this week for Jantastic.  My week looked like this:

Monday – 5k run 😀
Tuesday – 1 hour PT session – that was hard!  Lots of legs and core with a little bit of shoulders thrown in for good measure.  My bum still hurts from all the lunges and squats! 🙂
Wednesday – I was going to have a lift to work with my husband and then walk home after work.  Unfortunately, we got less than 1/2 a mile when the traffic started queuing so I got out of the car and walked to work (and home later) instead.
Thursday – Swim – 50 lengths in 30 minutes.  Next week I want to swim and extra couple of lengths.
Friday – this was a bit of a cheat day – I did squats, triceps dips and calf raises as well as some yoga to try to stretch my legs out.
Saturday – parkrun day 😀  I actually beat Adam by 12s for the first time in weeks.  He decided to take the final walk break but, as we were only 500m from the finish, I decided to carry on running.  We both finished in under 32 minutes so we are consolidating our quicker times.  We had an average 33 minute pace for a couple of months before finally getting under 31 minutes in December so this is good.
Sunday (today) – walked to Tesco – 1 mile each way – to do the shopping.  The backpack was very heavy when we came back and Adam’s lunch box juice was sticking in to my back.  Of course, he thought it was very funny that I had to walk a mile with a juice carton stuck in my lower back.

I enjoyed this week’s exercise.  I wish I could say that my eating has been as good as my exercise but it hasn’t.  I went back to Weight Watchers on Thursday and I am now 3 lbs heavier than I was before Christmas.  However, I was 1.5 lbs lighter than I was on my own scales on 1 January so it wasn’t too bad.  Now I just need to get myself back in gear and stop eating crap.  I am starting now to make a new beginning on my journey to lose those pesky 3 lbs.

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Janathon Day 5 and Jantastic Day 1

I had a plan for this week and, of course, it changed on Day 1!  I knew it would as my husband is at home and I didn’t want to go to the gym for a swim without him, we had a delivery due today.  So, when I got up I put on my running kit.  I find it so much easier to get out and exercise, be it running or swimming, if I am ready to go as soon as Adam has left to walk to college.  That’s not to say that I leave the house at the same time as him because I rarely do – I don’t want to run around kids walking to school so I usually leave it 20 minutes or so before I go out.

I find it a lot easier to exercise in the morning because I need to be at home for Adam after college and, much as he enjoys running, the last thing he wants to do in the dark (at the moment) after walking to and from college (15-20 minutes each way) is go out again for a run with me.  Also, we are busy on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and, because we run on Saturdays, we don’t want to go out on Fridays or Sundays.  I also work from home on Mondays and Tuesdays so I usually exercise while Adam is at college on those days.

It’s tough but I’ve got into a routine, sort of, and as long as the exercise gets done it doesn’t really matter which days it gets done on.  In fact, it’s probably better to shake it up a bit so that my body, and my brain, doesn’t get too used to doing the same thing on the same days every week.  Of course, there are some days which will always be the same – Saturday parkrun and walking to work on Wednesdays for example.

Anyway, on to today.  I had planned to swim on Mondays and then run on Thursdays but, like I said, I didn’t want to go to the gym without my husband so I decided to run today instead.  I’ll go to the gym for a swim on Thursday after Weight Watchers instead of running home.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do today.  I set off as if I was going to do a 3k loop with the option to extend the loop if I felt I wanted to.  I did extend it, I decided to go through Woodthorpe on my way home instead of turning right at the roundabout and coming straight home.  It was a nice run, even with 2 railway bridges, and I used the 5:1 intervals which I have been doing with Adam at parkrun.  I mixed it up a bit though by running through the 2nd walk break and was going to run through the 4th walk break as well but I got an awful stitch at 23 minutes (4th walk break) and had to walk to try to ease it a little.  It didn’t really help so my final km was really quite slow compared to all the others – 6:44 instead of 6:15-ish.  I had thought about trying to increase my distance a little and do around 5.5k but decided to go towards home instead.  The final loop was 5k and I finished in 32:35 so actually wasn’t as bad as I thought.  It gives me something to work on next week.

So that is Janathon day 5 done and 1/3 run/swim workouts done for Jantastic.

I Need to Plan

I signed up to Janathon and Jantastic to try to get myself back into a good routine for exercise but haven’t had time to put together my plan properly yet.  I’ll be honest, I have been lazy.  I’ve had time to put together a plan and I have a kind of plan in my head but some things may conspire against me.

My initial plan was to go swimming on Mondays, do a gym session (Personal Trainer) on Tuesdays, walk to work Wednesday, run on Thursdays and Saturday (parkrun), walk to Tesco on Sunday and wing it on Fridays.  However, I know from past experience that getting to the swimming pool on Mondays doesn’t always happen and more often than not I end up walking rather than running on Thursdays.  So, I am going to be flexible-ish.  The Monday swim may become a run or a gym session.  If the Monday swim is a gym session then the Tuesday will be a run or swim.  If I run on Tuesday then Thursday will become a swim.  I have to get back in the pool at least once a week as I plan to enter the Swimathon when the entries open next week.

Unfortunately, Fridays are going to be a case of winging it as I take Adam to his work-based training before going on to work myself.  I then pick him up as soon as I have finished so don’t have any time on my own to exercise.  I can, however, do some yoga or body weight exercises at home when we finish for the day.  I will do something, I promise.

So, that’s kind of the plan for Janathon.  Jantastic should be easier but it probably won’t be because it is based on running, cycling or swimming at least twice a week although I’ve pledged to run twice and swim once.  Hence the plan above re swimming/running.  January is all about committing to regular exercise for 30 minutes or more.

Yesterday I started Janathon with a parkrun and today I continued with a walk in to town with Adam.  2 days down, 29 to go!  Jantastic doesn’t actually start until Monday so if you want to do that you still have time to sign up.

I also need to sit down and plan my run and swim training.  There’s no point saying that I’m going to do it if I don’t actually know what I’m going to do during my sessions.  I do have a goal for the swimming (5k swim in April) and for the running – Adam and I have entered the 3 Yorkshire Run for All events this year (June in Hull, July in Leeds and August in York) so I need to put in the extra run each week for that otherwise I won’t be able to keep up with Adam.

Finally, I need to do a plan for my business(es).  I work for a charity 3 days a week but I also have my own bookkeeping business which I am happy ticking along with as it is and I also started two new businesses last year.  The one I really want to concentrate on this year is Younique.  I joined with the thought that if it works great but if it doesn’t well I have some lovely make-up from the starter kit plus any which I buy (and earn the commission back on) out of a relatively small investment.  I have to say, I’m hooked and really want to give it a go to see if I can build a small team and actually earn a decent living from it.  I’m going to write a more detailed post about my experience with Younique so far later – that is another thing I need to plan: blog writing!


Getting Ready for Exercise in 2015

At the beginning of 2014 I decided to take part in Jantastic.  Due to a holiday in the middle of it (February) I didn’t keep it going as long as I should/could have so this year I’ve signed up to try again in January 2015.  I liked Jantastic because you only have to commit to exercising (run, swim or cycle) for a minimum of 2x 30 minute sessions per week.  The challenge also runs for 3x 4 week blocks through January, February and March rather than just January.  So, it helps to build consistency.  I think I need that at the moment and I definitely need the longer challenge of 12 weeks rather than just 4 weeks of January.

After I had signed up for Jantastic, I then found out about Janathon from Sam at Midsummer 365 Project and thought I might give that a go too.  Am I mad?  Yes, probably but I need the added incentive to do something every day and I need a little push to re-boot my blogging habit too.  If I have to blog about my exercise then I will, at least, be doing something even if it is only a couple of sentences 😛


September – Day 5

It’s day 5 of my Clean 9 detox, only 4 days to go, yay!  It is also day 9 of the Skinny Jeans Challenge and another couple of exercises to add to my repertoire – 2 non-crunches exercises for a flat stomach.

On Thursday I started a new 30 Day blogging challenge.  I was originally going to do it here as I wasn’t sure I was ready to blog every day on my new Tupperware blog.  However, while I was going through yesterday’s task I decided that even if I don’t make it through the full 30 days on Tupperware York I should still give it a try.  If I wait until I’m ready, I’ll never start.  I have ideas for blogs for about 10 to 15 days so I only need to find 15 to 20 more.  If anyone has any burning questions or memories about Tupperware which I could research and write about, please let me know.  Any ideas will be gratefully received.

I’d like to say that the Clean 9 detox/cleanse is getting easier but I’m not sure it is.  Why did I decide to do this?  Oh yes, I remember, I wanted to clean out my digestive system or something after all the rubbish I’ve eaten over the Summer holidays and especially last weekend.  It is hard but it has shown me that I can make good food choices and I don’t have to have that packet of wotsits with my lunch or that chocolate bar/biscuit on an evening.  I’ve also drastically cut the amount of diet coke I’m drinking.  I haven’t cut it out completely and I’m not sure that I’m going to but I am going to try to stick to only having one or 2 glasses per day and not taking a bottle of diet coke to work.  Let’s make that an extra challenge for when the Clean 9 finishes on Tuesday.

Finally, my Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning kit arrived yesterday 😀  I’m really excited.  I’ve never taken part in the Coffee Morning before but a Tupperware contact of mine said that she holds one every year to promote the new Autumn/Winter catalogue.  It has the added bonus of raising money for a great cause, too.  As I work on a Friday, I’m going to hold my coffee morning on either the Monday or Tuesday before or after the 26th September.

How are you progressing towards your September goals?