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Another Parkrun :)

I haven’t done any exercise, apart from walking to work and home again (5 km each way) most days, since my last (and first) parkrun on 10th August. I was going to do a parkrun last Saturday but it was the Ebor Racing Festival at the Racecourse so the parkrun wasn’t on in York 😦

Anyway, as the Man and Boy are going to be taking part in the Family 5k at Disney World in February, I decided that they needed to at least try to do a 5k run and figured that the parkrun would be a good place to start. The Man hasn’t done any exercise to speak of for about 4 weeks due to work commitments and the most the Boy ever does is walking – he has been walking with me most days as I work at the same place as he goes for his out of school club.

So, we started at the back, very slowly, and the Man managed about 1 km before his calf started to hurt and he had to slow down for a walk. I left him with the tail runner and carried on with the Boy. I thought the Boy would be able to do OK as we do walk quite fast and the only reason it takes us 55 minutes to walk 5 km is the traffic lights we have to wait at on the way in to and round the city centre. He did so well and I am really proud of him. I am still waiting for the text with the result but I think we finished in around 45 minutes. The Boy didn’t stop to walk at all, although he tried a couple of times as his “leg hurt”. I don’t think it hurt really he just didn’t want to run any more. The course for the York parkrun is the running track on the Knavesmire and we have to run round 1 1/2 times. There is a bend about 50 m from the finish and when we went round it I asked the Boy if he wanted to pick the speed up a bit. Speed up a bit? He proper sprinted! Due to his disability, his sprint isn’t very fast but it was certainly fast enough to increase the speed considerably. The runners who had already finished were great and cheered him into the finish line. I let him finish and collect his finish token first.

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Just received a text with the finishing time for the Boy (41:52) and me (42:58). He beat me by 1 minute! How? I wasn’t that far behind. I guess that is how long it took between scanning his barcode and scanning mine 😉 Still, I am extremely proud of him. To finish that quickly on his first ever 5 km is fantastic.