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May Goals – Week 1 – Run done

I actually got out for a run today 🙂  It’s my first run on my own for a while and, looking at my 10K training plan on myasics.com was supposed to be a 6km build-up run.  To do the build-up run:

Start to run at the first guideline pace.  When you are comfortable increase your pace and maintain it. Then increase your pace a second time and maintain it. Stay in control of your pace, don’t push too hard and end up finishing slow.

My pace was supposed to start at 7:57/km and finish at 7:09/km.  I think running the parkrun in intervals with my son have improved my basic pace so much that I couldn’t force myself to run slower than 7:30/km.

Lap 1 0:07:35 Dist 1km
Lap 2 0:06:48 Dist 1km
Lap 3 0:06:45 Dist 1km
Lap 4 0:06:50 Dist 1km
Lap 5 0:06:27 Dist 1km
Lap 6 0:04:55 Dist 0.8km

The first km was completed in 7:35 because I had to slow down/stop to cross roads, not because I ran slower.

I really enjoyed this run and will now try to keep up with the weekly runs on top of the parkrun.  I set up my running programme to only have 2 runs per week, one of which is the parkrun.  The myasics.com programme originally gave me a 10K finish time of 1:05:09 and is now calculating the finish time as under 1 hour!  If I keep training at the speed I am doing now.  As I will be running the 10K with my Boy, I won’t be running that fast but it’s nice to know I can.



Losing Weight and Running Faster

My weight has been stuck between 10 stone 10 and 11 stone (150 and 154 lbs) for years.  I have had some success in the past when I manage to stay on a low calorie diet for more than a week and my weight has got down below 10 stone 10 lbs but then I go on holiday and it all comes back.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the Fast Diet and the fact that I was going to try it.  Well, I have and today is the start of week 4, and fasting day 7.

When I started I was going to just do a 24 hour fast – go from dinner on one day to dinner on the next and eat early or late depending on the day.  I then decided that this probably wouldn’t work because I’d still be eating breakfast and having a smaller lunch to get my 500 calories in that 24 hours.  So decided that full days would be the way to go and I have been doing that since week 2.  I also said that I was going to have my fast days on days that I am at work (Wednesday and Friday) rather than working from home.  Well that didn’t happen either!  For the past 2 weeks, and now this week, I have had my first fast day of the week on Monday and the second one on Wednesday. Now, I do have a reason for fasting when I am working from home – if I fast on Monday then I have completed at least one fasting day of the week.  If I left it until Wednesday and then ended up going out for a meal on Wednesday then I’d have to fast on Thursday and Saturday or Friday and Sunday – no way, uh-uh!  At least if I get one day out of the week on Monday when I am very unlikely to have any social engagements requiring me to eat food, I can then fast on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and re-arrange the fast day as needed.

So, here I am again on a Monday typing away to try to keep myself from thinking about my grumbling stomach and the fact that it really wants something to eat.  I keep telling my stomach that it can have what it wants tomorrow and we have some lovely chicken goujons and veg for dinner later.

Anyway, to weight loss of the title, in the past 3 weeks my moving weight has gone down to 10 stone 10.48 lbs with my actual weight being 10 stone 11.5 lbs.  Last week my moving weight was 10 stone 10.64 lbs so not a huge loss but a loss just the same.  It would probably help if I stopped eating all the rubbish on my eating days.  I am getting better, honest.

Training for the 10k run on 4th August is going well and I have actually managed to keep up with the programme set out by my.asics.co.uk.  I’m not sure how but my sub-35 minute 5k run of last Monday was not a fluke.  I did it again on Friday when I did a 5k interval training session on the treadmill at the gym.  Today I ran 7.45 km in just under 53 minutes so I am chuffed to bits.  I just hope I can keep it up for the next 4 weeks and smash my 10k PB.

It looks like the sun is trying to peek out from behind the clouds so I’m going to take my book outside and read for a bit.  Hopefully that will keep my mind busy and off the thoughts of food.