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Running in 2015

2015 was a fantastic year for running events with Adam.  At the beginning of the year, we were going to take part in the 3 events of the Yorkshire Season Ticket with Run for All events (Hull, Leeds and York), as well as the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield.  We then added the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon and the York 10 Mile which was added to the Yorkshire Marathon during the Summer.

First was the Hull 10K in June.  The day was wonderful for running, overcast with a little drizzle 🙂 and, for a change the course was flat-ish with no big hill or flyover to run up near the end.  We finished in a personal best time of 1:07:21.

Next up was Leeds 10K in July.  The day was warm and sunny.  The course was almost the same as the Leeds Abbey Dash in November so nice and flat down the dual carriageway and back until you have to go back towards the city centre and run up the exit slip-road!  We started at the back, literally, because after needing to stop for the toilet at the Great Yorkshire Run last year I kept going to the toilet as often as possible until we started moving towards the start line 😉  Still, it was a good run and we finished in 1:09:52.

The last run of the Yorkshire Season Ticket was the York 10K.  I have run every York 10K event since they started in 2009 so this was my 7th.  I love this event, not least because I get to run through my home city which, of course, is beautiful.  A lovely run and I think Adam and I have got our pacing sorted – 3 minutes run, 1 minute walk.

Yorkshire Season Ticket.jpg

After the York 10K we had a little bit of a break until the Great Yorkshire Run at the end of September.  I had actually started a post about this and then never finished it so I’ll copy and paste what I wrote about that one here:

This year’s Great Yorkshire Run was much better than last year’s, not least because although we were in the Green Wave and due to start at 10:14am I decided that it was more important to go to the toilet right at the last minute so we started from the back 🙂  I also entered the run earlier than last year so that we could stay overnight in Sheffield – a much better option than getting the train on a Sunday morning.  I also paid for a late check-out so that we could go back to the hotel for a shower afterwards before getting the train home.

So, what about the run itself?  Well, the start is all downhill and we completed the first km in 6:49.  I didn’t want to go out too fast and then find that my legs wanted to give up after 2.5km as they have been doing at parkrun and during training.  After the downhill, it is then flat along the A61 to Hillsborough Stadium (Sheffield Wednesday), where we turned around to come back.  The hills came back at 8km although they were quite short and you then went down again until about
9.5km when it is all uphill to the finish.  Well, it might as well be, I think it flattens out about 30m before the finish line but there was no way I could get my legs to go any faster to the finish.  Adam made me laugh though, he asked where the big hill was (we wereGreat Yorkshire Run Collage on it) and as there was a sign over the other side of the road saying “What Hill?”, I pointed it out and said “That sign says ‘What Hill?'” so he
asked me again when we were nearly at the top.  I told him that we’d just been up it.  Oh, to be like Adam and not realise that the hill we’ve just pushed up was the “big” hill to the finish, lol.

We finished in 1:08:17.  I’ll take that 😀

That’s it for the 10K runs.  We also took part in 2 other events but as this is a long post already, I’ll save those for another day.


Leeds Abbey Dash

What a lovely run the Leeds Abbey Dash is. There was a point yesterday morning when I wondered if we would actually make it to the start line though.

We didn’t receive our race packs in the post but I phoned Age UK (the run organisers) twice during the week to say that they hadn’t arrived and that I couldn’t find the confirmation emails. That’s fine, they said, you are definitely registered. Just go to the information point on the day and pick up your race number.  That should be easy enough, right?  Wrong.  Firstly, the earliest train we could get, without leaving home at 6.30 to be in Leeds by the time the information point opened at 8.30, was 8.09 am so by the time we got to the information point it was about 8.40 am.  Secondly, when we got to the information point, they didn’t have our names down on their list :O  Fortunately, they had some extra numbers and gave us our entries anyway.

Next, we had to find our way to the finish area so that I could drop off my backpack with our fleeces in at the left baggage area.  This was about a 5 minute walk away but we were going against the flow of runners going to the starting pens so it took a little longer.  It didn’t help that I was trying to fill in the blurb on the back of our bibs while we were walking either.  I also kept hearing “Will runners please make their way to the starting area as the Junior run has started and they will be coming through the finish line shortly.”  I was in panic mode big time.  Anyway, we got to the finish area and left the bag with our fleeces inside but had to keep our loose tracksuit bottoms on over our running leggings because the bag wasn’t big enough for them too – oops!  It was fine, I don’t mind having warm legs.

By the time we started walking back to the start area it was 9.20 am and the run was due to start at 9.30 am.  Once we got back to the start area, we had to go to the toilet but fortunately the queues weren’t too long as the race had started and we were in the final group of 60 minute plus runners due to go to the start line itself.  After all my panicking, we got there with plenty of time to spare 😀

We started to walk from the warm-up/start area at about 9.45 am and I should have started my Garmin searching for our location when we started walking but I didn’t.  We crossed the start line and went about 200m before my watch was ready to start recording.  I had set the intervals for 4 minute run; 1 minute walk as this is what seems to suit Adam and me best at the moment.  Although, I felt really good and could have kept going for longer as I kept the run speed at a slow pace for the first 4 km or so – I think we averaged around 6:50/km up to the half way mark.  The run was lovely and flat with only a little bit of a slope (hill) as we approached Kirkstall Abbey – hence the name of the run – to turn round and run back to Leeds city centre.  This was also the water station.  Unlike most runs I have been on in the UK, the Leeds Abbey Dash hands out a small cup of water rather than a bottle.  They do this at Disney World too and I must say I prefer it, you either drink it or throw it over you/away.  I told Adam that he could take his time drinking it while we walked but that we would then run two intervals without a walk break to make up for it.  He did good 🙂

As usual, Adam gave me a running commentary of what we were passing.  This included a Harvester, McDonalds, Vue cinema, Frankie & Benny’s (we went through a leisure park), ITV Yorkshire, a dairy and a fire station.  Oh and a big blue bus which said “TV and Film Support Bus” on it.

I still haven’t found out what our time was (my watch said 1:07 for 9.94km so not as fast as York but faster than Sheffield) and we did enjoy the run, once I got over the panic of not having my race number beforehand.  I think we’ll be back for this one again next year.



Great Yorkshire Run 2014

We did it, we finished the Great Yorkshire Run 10K yesterday.  I wasn’t sure that I would finish when we were at the 8km mark but thanks to Adam I did.

Yesterday morning Adam and I were up early to get a train, or 2, to Sheffield for the Great Yorkshire Run.  Our wave was due to start at 10.21 am as we were in the last group of starters. Just as well as I didn’t really want to drive and we only decided to enter about 5 weeks ago so we couldn’t get a hotel for Saturday night. So it was the 8 am train to Doncaster and then the 9.13 am train to Sheffield. Next year I’m entering earlier and staying in Sheffield overnight so I don’t have to get up at 6.30 am on a Sunday!

The run was going well until we got to the 5 km mark and my son said he needed to go to the toilet. OK, I could do with going too and they had put about 5 porta-loos at the turn-around point (about 5.5 km). This would have been great because running with a full bladder is not pleasant, however after taking about 7 or 8 minutes to wait for and go to the loo my legs didn’t want to run again.  Next time, I don’t care if I am the last starter, we are both going to the toilet just before we are due to cross the start line, not half an hour before!

We finished in a time of 1:16:05, which considering we went to the loo wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Especially as I couldn’t breathe properly at the 8 km mark and had to reduce the running down to 2 minutes run 1 minute walk instead of the 5 minutes run we have been doing.  I don’t want to make excuses but I was also on day 2 or 3 (I can’t remember, I still have cotton wool head) of a cold and really shouldn’t have been running at all.  I didn’t want to let Adam.

There was a flyer in our goodie bag at the end for the Leeds Abbey Dash in November and my son now wants to do that one too! I must be a glutton for punishment because I’ve agreed to look into it.


York played host to the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All 10k for the 4th time last Sunday (5th August) and I was taking part, again with the support of my husband and son, as always.  It was my 4th 10K but I wasn’t expecting to do very well as my training had been very hit and miss. I also didn’t do the Race For Life which I usually do as a warm up for the Run for All. I planned to run the first 3km or so in about 24 minutes and then do intervals of 10 minutes running and 2 minutes walking for the rest of the 10k. I hoped to finish in 1 hour 20 minutes.

I had my Gymboss interval timer set and turned it on when I crossed the start line. I needed to run for the first 2 intervals and could then take a 2 minute walking rest. I wanted to be at least at the 3k mark by that walking break but if I could be further then I’d be very happy. As it happens I got to 3k in 21 minutes! If I could have carried on running I would have been on target to finish in 1 hour 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I really needed that walk. I wish I had a breakdown of the speed of my running and walking intervals so that I could work out if it was worth doing the intervals or if I should have run at a slower pace throughout the 10k.

However I finished in a time of 1hour 16 minutes 9 seconds. I’m not sure I would have finished that fast if I’d kept running.

I will be entering the Run for All again next year on the 4th August and hope to put in more training so I can get a PB. Maybe I should join a gym again so that I can go on a treadmill when the weather is as bad as it was this year

What are you looking forward to this year?

Yay! An easy daily/weekly blog post suggestion for me 😀

Anyone who read my blog about travel money cards last year will know that I am going on holiday with my husband, son and step-daughter this year as I was looking at what was out there for those of us who are travelling and don’t want to take a lot of cash.

As a Disney (especially Eeyore and Pooh) nut, I have been planning this year’s holiday for about 5 years or so when I decided that I wanted to go back to Disney for my 40th birthday. It is my 40th birthday in September 2011 (actually it is on the 10th anniversary of 9/11) and what better place for me to celebrate than at the “happiest place on earth”? It is also my step-daughter’s 25th birthday a few days before mine so we invited her to come along with us (she wants to meet Tigger so I can see a meal at Crystal Palace during our stay).

The other “treat” I wanted for my 40th birthday was to swim with dolphins so I’ll have to see what I can do about that. If I manage to book somewhere to swim with them, that will be another thing to look forward to.

Other things I am looking forward to this year are:

Taking part in the Swimathon – 5,000m swim on 10 April to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care; and the big one which has become an annual event for me

Taking part in the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All 10k in York on 31 July.

Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All 10k – 2 August 2010

I originally posted this on my Sparkpeople.com blog and forgot to post it here. Oh well, it is here now (only 2 months late!) so you can read and enjoy, or not.

I did it, again! I ran the Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All 10km race in York yesterday. After running it last year I knew it would be great and I really enjoyed it. My training in the last few weeks hasn’t been great but I knew I could get round it all, even if I hobbled part of it. I had shin splints about 3-4 weeks ago so had to take the training easier than my training plan. I don’t think I ever did a solid run for more than 20 minutes without walking for at least a minute in the whole of my training plan for the run. Then, to make matters worse, I strained my lower back on Wednesday. However, me being me, I wasn’t about to not do the run even if I had to walk most of it! After all, I have a charity relying on me to raise money for them! Anyway, I had a long soak with muscle relaxing bubble bath on Saturday night and had been stretching out my back since I strained it and it didn’t feel too back on Sunday morning. We (DH, DS and I) walked the 3/4 mile to Knavesmire (York Racecourse) where the run started and finished as we live so close and my back was fine.

The atmosphere at the Knavesmire was great and DH and DS got a cup of coffee and tea. I got a free sports drink and a pace calculating wrist band. Although I finished in 1 hour 14 minutes last year, with the lack of training I had been able to do, I decided to try for a 1 hour 20 minute time this year. We had a few well known faces running with us, although I didn’t see them as they were faster than me, including Look North presenter Harry Gration, jockey Richard Dunwoody and Sir Geoff Hurst. The run was due to start at 9am but I think we finally got underway at about 9.15am.

I set off at what I thought was quite a slow and steady pace, considering the number of runners who were blasting past me, and I resisted looking at my watch when we got to the 1km marker. I did look at the 2km marker and saw that I was well up on my 8 min/km pace at 14 minutes! I knew I wouldn’t keep it up all the way round but when I reached 5km in 35 minutes I knew I had a chance of at least finishing in 1 hour 15 minutes. My back started to twinge when I got to the 7km mark but with 3km to go I was definitely not going to start walking. My pace slowed a bit but I was still withing 1 hour 15 minute pace and reached 8km, and a little hill which felt HUGE, in 58 minutes. I think I slowed a little between the 8 and 9km markers but then sped up again for the final km as there were loads of supporters lining the road. I finally finished in 1 hour 13 minutes and 21 seconds which beat my last year’s time by over a minute.

Now all I have to do is collect my sponsorship money and start planning for next year’s run on 31 July 2011. DH and DS both say that they want to run it with me next year but as DH said that when I finished last year and ended up supporting me again this year I’m not going to hold my breath!