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November Review for 101 in 1001

November wasn’t bad.  In fact I made quite a good start on my 101 list.

I finally finished my walk from home to Walt Disney World which I carried over from the last list.  I hadn’t realised I was quite so close to the end when I made the new list, oops!  I “walked” 160 km (100 miles) in November to go towards my new virtual walk from Walt Disney World to Disneyland. I have walked, approximately, from WDW to Williston, FL.

I also made my first video for a Younique product.  It is a bit rough around the edges and not as good as some “how to” videos for the 3D fiber lashes out there as I am still trying to work out how best to put them on/use them.  I have to say, however, that I will not be going back to “regular” mascara now even if I stop being a presenter for Younique.

Whilst I haven’t done exercise every day, I have done over 250 minutes of exercise every week and recorded over 35,000 steps each week.  The steps recorded do not include steps which could be added/calculated for gym sessions or swim sessions.

I finally got over the 7,500 hits/views on my blog which I carried over from the last list.


New Virtual Walk

I did it, I finally finished my virtual walk from home to Walt Disney World 😀  When I created my new 101 in 1001 list I didn’t realise that the walking I did in October actually completed my first virtual walk so I’m still keeping it in my list.

Now I’m moving on to the next virtual walk on my list – Walt Disney World to Disneyland.  I have been on Google Maps and the driving distance from WDW to DL is 4,018 km (2511 miles) but the walking distance is 3,977 km (2,485 miles) so I’m going to be following the walking route.  As with my previous walk, I am going to be measuring my distance in km rather than miles because I record all of my exercise distances in km and so does my fitbug (pedometer).

I am going to be starting the recording of my distance for this new walk from 1 November 2014.

100 Happy Days – Day 3

I did it!  I finally cleared the corner of my bedroom which has been a tip since we moved in over 12 years ago.  On my 101 in 1001 list I have a task to clear it and keep it clear for 6 months.  Well, I don’t have time to keep it clear for 6 months before the deadline but I did clear it.  I don’t think it’ll last very long though because as soon as the Man comes home he’ll be putting his large suitcase bag down there and it’ll look all cluttered again.  Oh well, maybe I can keep it clear for 5 weeks.

101 in 1001 Challenge – March 2013 update

I have 6 months left to complete my 101 tasks.  I’m not going to make all of them but I should be able to make most of them.

I have now completed 5,526.45 km of my virtual walk from York to Walt Disney World (total distance 6,882 km).  I’m going to have to pick up my walking/running if I’m going to make it in the next 6 months.

I’ve also completed 420.89 km of my 1001 km challenge.

I took part in the Royal Family 5K during the Princess Half Marathon weekend on 21 February 2014.  It was brilliant!  We didn’t get a very fast time, in fact it was really slow compared to what we had been doing – about 42 minutes – as when I put the entry in my son had never run so I selected a slow finish time for him.  As a consequence, we started in the “walkers” corral.  On the plus side, we ran the whole way instead of our usual intervals 😀

I have now written over 400 posts for my blog 🙂  Next goal? 500 posts.

Virtual Walk update and other stuff

We have finished 2013 and what a great year it was for running, swimming and general exercise/fitness for me.  It was a year for PBs and getting my son out of the house and running with me 🙂

First though, let me update you on my virtual walk from York to Walt Disney World.  I forgot to post an update for November so this is for both November and December.  I completed 142.95 km in November and 160.69 km in December for a total of 5,075.77 km completed with 1,806.23 km left to go.  I have completed an average of 6.91 km/day and 48.38 km/week during the past 2 years of my challenge.  If I want to finish my walk before the end of the 101 in 1,001 challenge I need to complete an average of 6.86 km/day or 48.04 km/week between now and mid-September.

Since arriving in North America, I have travelled through Canada into the USA, through Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  In November and December I continued my journey from Clinton, MA through Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.  I am currently in Jersey City, NY, I think.

I completed the Swimathon (5,000m swim) for the I don’t know how many-th time, but I have definitely done the Swimathon every year since 2006 or so and I did 2 or 3 before that.  So, does that make it about 10 or 11?  I do remember my first Swimathon back in 1991, it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the 200 lengths.  My fastest time in the past 6 years or so was 1 hour 52 minutes, until this year.  My first PB of the year came in the pool: 1 hour 43 minutes, a whole 9 minutes faster than my previous best!  Whoop!

Next up was the Race for Life.  Didn’t expect to get a PB on this one as I hadn’t really trained for it.  My fastest Race for Life time was somewhere around the 37 minute mark so quite slow really.  I finished in 36 minutes 44 seconds.  Not bad, I guess but I really wanted to break through the 35 minute mark.  Never mind, it would come.

At the beginning of August I completed my 5th 10K run, and my 5th Run for All.  My training had gone really well and I knew that I could get under 1 hour 12 minutes for a new PB.  It didn’t happen as I decided to keep a friend of mine company on her first 10K run.  She did really well and we finished in 1:15:10.  This year we’re going to get under 1:15:00 and get her a new PB.  My son is also entered for this year’s York 10K, should be fun 😀

The week after the 10K, my friend got married and decided that she would try to get as many people as possible to run the parkrun with her the day before her wedding (she got married on a Sunday).  So, I signed up and went along.  After the amount of training I’d put in for the 10K I wanted to see how fast I could go.  Another PB, this time another huge one: 33:15 – 2:30 off my previous best 🙂  I have now completed 13 parkruns and got myself another PB for Christmas: 31:59.

Finally, as I had held back for my friend at the York 10K, I decided to enter the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield at the end of September.  As I hadn’t done much running due to the Summer holidays I wasn’t aiming to run it all but I did want to try to get a PB.  I settled on intervals of run:walk of 5:1 and finished in 1:09:50.  Yet another PB!  It would have been faster except I needed to use the loo half way round, just think how fast I could have gone if I hadn’t had to stop.

I have already entered the Swimathon, York 10K and a runDisney 5K next year and am considering entering the Great Yorkshire Run again.  I wanted to enter the Leeds Half Marathon but I need to wait and see if my husband will be at home to look after my son first.  My son can, and is, run the 10K with me but I think that the half marathon might be pushing it a bit.  Can I get more PBs this year?  Only time will tell.

Family History

This is it, I’m starting another one of my 101 tasks.  I’ve wanted to trace my family tree (#56 on my list) for quite a long time now but have never got very far.  About 4 years ago, my son had to do his family tree for a school project and go back as far as his great-grandparents so I have it up to the grandparents of myself and my husband.  As our grandparents were all born in or before 1911, I then decided to wait until the 1911 Census became available online before I tried to go any further.  Well it’s been available for about 2 years now so I should get on with it and see what I can find.

Thanks to the 1911 Census, I now know my maternal grandmother’s parents.  I’m going to work on my maternal grandfather’s parents next.

Soup and Cauliflower Cheese

We get a vegetable bag delivered to our door every week full of lovely organic veg.  We only get the small bag and when there are three of us at home I can just about manage to get through it all.  However, sometimes we get a lot of the wrong vegetables, stuff that I don’t like so don’t really know what to do with like cauliflower and onions.  Oh and we get loads of carrots, there’s only so much carrot cake/carrot muffins I can make!

This week the delivery man said “I put an extra cauliflower in for you”.  “Great!” I reply, “Couldn’t you have done that last week when the Man was here, he loves cauliflower and I really don’t like it.”
“Make cauliflower cheese,” he said helpfully.
Hmm, I’ve never made that as the cheese sauce it is high in calories but if I do, I can put it in the freezer for the Man to have it when he comes home.

So, yesterday I got my big pan out and made a pint of cheese sauce.  I used 2/3 of it for cauliflower cheese and 1/3 for a pasta bake (with cauliflower in it) for the Boy.  That’s all of the cauliflower used up.  Whoop!

Whilst I was in the kitchen, I thought I might as well use up the onions too.  Here we go with another new recipe, 2 in one day what’s happening?  Onion soup, how do I make that?  Out came the cook books: Good Housekeeping (always a good starting point), Sam Stern’s Cooking up a Storm and Annabel Karmel’s Quick Children’s Meals to see which recipe was easiest, and which ingredients I had in the house.  The only thing I had to buy was a very small bottle of wine as I don’t drink so never have wine in the house.

I don’t know what the cauliflower cheese it like but the onion soup apparently tastes great.  The Boy asked if he could taste it when he’d finished his dinner and ended up eating one of the pots which I was going to put in the freezer.  He would have had the other (double the size) one as well if I’d let him but I thought that over 1l of onion soup would be too much for anyone.

Another 2 recipes to knock off my 101 in 1001 task #45, only another 24 to go!  Next up, I’m going to make carrot and coriander soup.  I hope the Good Housekeeping cookbook has a recipe for it otherwise I’ll be doing a search on the internet… BBC Good Food is a useful website, I think I’ll look there too.

Running 1,001 km challenge

This is an update for my new challenge to run 1,001 km by my 101 in 1,001 deadline on 19 September 2014.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  Whilst I don’t have records for runs I completed since December 2011 when I started the 101 in 1,001 challenge, I do have records from the end of September 2012 so at least I do have 10 months worth of training runs, right?  Looking at it though, I didn’t do much running between September and April as I was in the pool more than the gym/running.  Oh well, it’s a start.

Here is a breakdown of running to date:

September 2012:  5.96
October 2012:  21.64
November 2012:  3.76
December 2012:  0
January 2013:  9.92
February 2013:  11.33
March 2013:  9.04
April 2013:  11.33
May 2013:  22.25
June 2013:  45.32
July 2013:   49.37 (to 27th July)
Total:  189.92 km

I still have 811.08 km still to go, so I think I’m going to stick with trying to complete 1,001 km before 19 September 2014 rather than 1,001 miles (1,001 miles would be the equivalent to 1,601.6 km).  So, I need to average around 60 km per month to reach my target.  If I find that I am going to make this easily, I’ll increase the distance goal to miles or add a new goal to my 101 in 1,001 list to run 1,001 miles.

Parkin – I finally made it

I don’t know how long I’ve had my great grandmother’s recipe for parkin but I’ve never actually made it.  For this reason, I put it on my 101 in 1,001 list at #48.

WP_20130726_001 - cropped

Well, I finally made it.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought although there was a fair bit of guesswork involved as the recipe is so old and, I guess, was adapted by my grandma before the recipe was given to me by my mum about 18 years ago (I think I got it around the time my son was born).  The measurements are in cups, apart from the margarine/lard which is in ounces, but that’s OK as I have a lot of old recipes which use cups rather than weight and I have a couple of sets of measuring cups.  Where I could have come unstuck was the “Boiling water (guess little)”!  I decided to have a look in my Good Housekeeping recipe book to see if they had a recipe for parkin, they do, and see what their ingredients were and the quantities and then guess from there.  The Good Housekeeping recipe was slightly different for the ingredients and method of making and quite a bit different for the quantities but it gave me a good place to start to work out what a “little” amount of boiling water was.  I decided to pour 4 fl oz (100 ml) into a jug and put in a little at a time until I got to what I thought would be the right consistency.  It turns it it is about 3 fl oz (75 ml).  I then had to decide which tin to use – the recipe says a small, lined meat tin and the mixture should be 2″ deep.  Hmm, I don’t think I have a meat or square tin that small.  I know, I’ll use my loaf tin.  It seemed to work 🙂

I have had a little taste.  The result? It’s actually very nice although I think I might put in more ginger next time.