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As I have been taking part in a number of sporting events over the past few years, I thought I’d put some of the information on a page so that anyone who is interested, not many I’m sure, will be able to see what I have done and whether or not I have improved over the past few years, or not.

At the moment, I regularly take part in the Swimathon, Race for Life and Run for All 10k events.  You can find out more information about each of these events on the separate pages which I have made for them:

Running – Run for All 10k and Race for Life
Virtual Walk – York to Walt Disney World

This year, 2013, I also have an additional challenge.  I am part of the SNAPPY team in the Dragon Boat Race on Sunday 14th July 2013.

One day, I want to do a half marathon at either Disney World or Disneyland, or both.  I was hoping to enter the Disneyworld Princess Half Marathon weekend in 2013 but unfortunately I didn’t request a place in time and they have sold out!  Oh well, one day. (updated 21 July 2013)

I use to keep track of my exercise.  I used to use but they don’t have an app for the Windows phone 😦 so I had to change it.

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