Weekend in North Wales – Part 3

OK, I’m on a roll!  No sooner have I published part 2 and I’m writing part 3!  I won’t publish it for a couple of days though.  I wouldn’t want you to start expecting regular posts or anything 😉

So, Sunday morning arrived and we’d already planned to go to Llandudno and possibly up the Great Orme, nothing too taxing.  Well, that’s what we thought.  Stepdaughter had already posted a blog about her intention to take her scarecrow brother with us so that she, Adam and Stepson could have a sibling day out.  I’ll put the links to her posts at the end, it’ll save me adding too many photos.

Anyway, no sooner had we got out of the car, taken a picture of Scarecrow Brother on a bench looking out to sea – What!?!  Yes, this was the start of a strange, but very fun, day. – I saw the Cheshire Cat sculpture and had the idea of getting photos of the siblings doing the Alice in Wonderland trail, as well as going up the Great Orme!  Lots of walking to come.  First photo taken with the Cheshire Cat:


Then we walked to Llandudno town centre to find the Tourist Information Centre (yes, another map) and get sausage rolls and drinks for lunch before finding more sculptures.  We saw the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Alice and the Mad Hatter before going for a walk along the pier, playing the slot machines in the arcade and eating our lunch.

After lunch, we decided we would take the tram to the top of the Great Orme.  Adam and Stepdaughter made sure that Scarecrow Brother was OK.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I love days like this and seeing Adam interacting so well.

After stopping for an ice cream, the blackcurrant flavour was divine, we then walked down the hill to find Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  The Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum sculptures are next to a little tea shop so we stopped for a pot of tea for 3.  After all, it would have been rude not to.  We then carried on walking down, and across, and up to find the final group of sculptures.

After all that walking, we were ready to go back to the car. Another long walk!

After dinner, lovely chicken for me and chicken and stuffing pie (homemade by Stepdaughter) with veg, we went for another walk.  This time down to the beach.  Unfortunately, it was getting dark by the time we go there so the photo I took didn’t really come out 😦

Such a fun day!  We’ll have to do it again.

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