Janathon and Jantastic took a dive

It wasn’t my fault, honest.  I was doing really well with the “some form of exercise” every day in January for Janathon and the 3 times a week running or swimming for Janathon then the flu hit me last week and that was it, I was out for the count.  I’m blaming Adam, he brought it home and shared it with me 😦  Unlike Adam (who gets a flu jab every year), I went crumbling down and couldn’t get up for 2 days and didn’t leave the house, except to go and get lemsip from the pharmacy on the corner, for 4 days.  Huh!  Now I think about it, I did at least walk somewhere for more than 10 minutes every day except Wednesday when I really couldn’t get out of bed so I only missed one day in January.  However, I didn’t log it or blog/tweet about it so Janathon = fail!

I am, however, slowly getting better and will be back in the gym tomorrow after walking to Tesco to get a few bits today.  Let’s see if I can do some form of exercise every day during February instead of January.

I’m going to use one of my Joker weeks for this week in Jantastic and hope that I don’t have another bad week between now and the end of March.