Why It’s Good To Change Your Look

One of the programmes I like to watch, when I see that it’s on, is Biggest Loser.  Now, being in the UK I’m a little bit behind when it comes to seasons and have just finished watching the “No Excuses” season (Season 13).  One of my favourite episodes each season is the make over episode because, whilst you see the changes every week it’s not till you see the contestants with a new look that you realise quite how far they’ve come.  In season 13, during the makeover episode it was the first time I have heard them mention why they do the makeover.  It was when the hair stylist (I can’t remember his name, sorry) is working with Chris and explaining why she isn’t necessarily happy with her weight loss journey – she still looks the same when she looks at her head in a little mirror.  Therefore, she needs to change what she sees in the mirror so that she can appreciate how far she’s come and then continue on the journey and not go back.

(Edit: I just previewed this and you have to watch it in YouTube, if you’re interested start at around 21 minutes for the makeover part)

This actually made sense to me.  I had a similar hairstyle and did my make up the same way for years.  My hair is still the same/similar as it’s always been, I have it cut to shoulder length and put the fringe back in every few years but I speak to my hairdresser about once a year to discuss what would suit me best and if I should change it.  As I pull it back in a ponytail most days as I don’t like my hair falling in my face we agree that it’s fine.  I had my hair cut short a very long time ago but I was so glad that hair does grow because it really didn’t suit me short.

As for my make up, every couple of years, I’ll go in to a department store or Boots and visit one of the big make up stalls and ask if they can give me some ideas.  This is especially important as I get older.  However, since discovering Younique I’ve been experimenting more with different colours rather than just the browns which I used to wear a lot.  The mineral pigment powders are great to blend together and I’m having fun seeing what works, and what doesn’t, for me while I’m building up my kit for home parties.  Some colours are lovely and I may need to buy more so that I can have some to make in to samples to give to people to try.

These are my current favourite make up items:


Do you ever look in the mirror and not like what you see even though you have made lots of changes in your life?  Would you feel better about what you see if you tried something different?  Have you had your own “makeover week”?  How did it make you feel?

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      Thank you for reading and commenting. I put on over 3 stone when I had my son 20 years ago. I finally lost the last 5lbs last year 🙂

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