I Got a PB!

This morning was my 46th parkrun and I wasn’t sure that I would actually get Adam out of bed to go as it was snowing a little. There wasn’t much but it was either going to get Adam out of bed to see it or cause him to snuggle down even further. I can’t say I blame him. Anyway, he did get up and we walked up to the Knavesmire.

We were still on our 5 minute run intervals and today we started just in front of the 30 minute pacer. My goal today was to try not to lose sight of him. Today, for the first time, we also had a 32 minute pacer who passed us when we took our first walk break. That wasn’t unexpected as our first km is always around 6:40 while the, ever increasing, number of runners starts to spread out. We caught, and passed, the 32 minute pacer fairly easily and I told Adam that the aim was to stay on front of them.

We got through 2k in around 12:40 and I still had the 30 minute pacer in my sights. However, at around 2.5k Adam decided that he didn’t want to run anymore so I said I’d see him at the finish line and kept running. He caught up with me when I was on my next walk break but as I only had 10s left of the walk break he didn’t want to keep running with me.

So, from 3k I was completely on my own and could still see the 30 minute pacer but, with at least one more walk break, I knew I wouldn’t catch him. I did push it though and finished in a new PB of 30:32 😀 Adam finished in 34:03 over 3 1/2 minutes behind! I am still proud of him though as he has grown in confidence so much since starting parkrun. So much so that I now don’t mind leaving him at 2.5k. I’d even let him run his own race for the parkrun if he wanted to as it is now familiar to him.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who got up early on a freezing, snowy Saturday to marshall, timekeep, scan tokens etc so that over 400 mad people like me could have a timed 5k run.

As today is Saturday, it is blog hop day with Virtual Running UK and this is my entry for this week.


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