Janathon and Jantastic Week 1

OK, I know I joined Janathon to, firstly, to make sure I exercised every day but also to try to encourage myself to blog a bit more – oops!  I kinda slipped up there, huh?  I have a good, OK not good, mediocre reason for this.  I’ve been busy and this is not a purely exercise based blog, at least it’s not supposed to be.  When I started writing, it was somewhere for me to put down my thoughts and ideas and it slowly evolved in to somewhere for me to share my life journey wherever that takes me.  It is also somewhere for me to share my experiences as a mother of a child with a learning disability (and other stuff due to an undiagnosed syndrome, probably genetic but it hasn’t been discovered yet).

Anyway, I have exercised every day and I tweeted about it each day so I haven’t broken any of the, very few, Janathon rules.  I have also completed 2 runs and 1 swim this week for Jantastic.  My week looked like this:

Monday – 5k run 😀
Tuesday – 1 hour PT session – that was hard!  Lots of legs and core with a little bit of shoulders thrown in for good measure.  My bum still hurts from all the lunges and squats! 🙂
Wednesday – I was going to have a lift to work with my husband and then walk home after work.  Unfortunately, we got less than 1/2 a mile when the traffic started queuing so I got out of the car and walked to work (and home later) instead.
Thursday – Swim – 50 lengths in 30 minutes.  Next week I want to swim and extra couple of lengths.
Friday – this was a bit of a cheat day – I did squats, triceps dips and calf raises as well as some yoga to try to stretch my legs out.
Saturday – parkrun day 😀  I actually beat Adam by 12s for the first time in weeks.  He decided to take the final walk break but, as we were only 500m from the finish, I decided to carry on running.  We both finished in under 32 minutes so we are consolidating our quicker times.  We had an average 33 minute pace for a couple of months before finally getting under 31 minutes in December so this is good.
Sunday (today) – walked to Tesco – 1 mile each way – to do the shopping.  The backpack was very heavy when we came back and Adam’s lunch box juice was sticking in to my back.  Of course, he thought it was very funny that I had to walk a mile with a juice carton stuck in my lower back.

I enjoyed this week’s exercise.  I wish I could say that my eating has been as good as my exercise but it hasn’t.  I went back to Weight Watchers on Thursday and I am now 3 lbs heavier than I was before Christmas.  However, I was 1.5 lbs lighter than I was on my own scales on 1 January so it wasn’t too bad.  Now I just need to get myself back in gear and stop eating crap.  I am starting now to make a new beginning on my journey to lose those pesky 3 lbs.

IMG_0143           IMG_0137