Janathon Day 5 and Jantastic Day 1

I had a plan for this week and, of course, it changed on Day 1!  I knew it would as my husband is at home and I didn’t want to go to the gym for a swim without him, we had a delivery due today.  So, when I got up I put on my running kit.  I find it so much easier to get out and exercise, be it running or swimming, if I am ready to go as soon as Adam has left to walk to college.  That’s not to say that I leave the house at the same time as him because I rarely do – I don’t want to run around kids walking to school so I usually leave it 20 minutes or so before I go out.

I find it a lot easier to exercise in the morning because I need to be at home for Adam after college and, much as he enjoys running, the last thing he wants to do in the dark (at the moment) after walking to and from college (15-20 minutes each way) is go out again for a run with me.  Also, we are busy on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and, because we run on Saturdays, we don’t want to go out on Fridays or Sundays.  I also work from home on Mondays and Tuesdays so I usually exercise while Adam is at college on those days.

It’s tough but I’ve got into a routine, sort of, and as long as the exercise gets done it doesn’t really matter which days it gets done on.  In fact, it’s probably better to shake it up a bit so that my body, and my brain, doesn’t get too used to doing the same thing on the same days every week.  Of course, there are some days which will always be the same – Saturday parkrun and walking to work on Wednesdays for example.

Anyway, on to today.  I had planned to swim on Mondays and then run on Thursdays but, like I said, I didn’t want to go to the gym without my husband so I decided to run today instead.  I’ll go to the gym for a swim on Thursday after Weight Watchers instead of running home.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do today.  I set off as if I was going to do a 3k loop with the option to extend the loop if I felt I wanted to.  I did extend it, I decided to go through Woodthorpe on my way home instead of turning right at the roundabout and coming straight home.  It was a nice run, even with 2 railway bridges, and I used the 5:1 intervals which I have been doing with Adam at parkrun.  I mixed it up a bit though by running through the 2nd walk break and was going to run through the 4th walk break as well but I got an awful stitch at 23 minutes (4th walk break) and had to walk to try to ease it a little.  It didn’t really help so my final km was really quite slow compared to all the others – 6:44 instead of 6:15-ish.  I had thought about trying to increase my distance a little and do around 5.5k but decided to go towards home instead.  The final loop was 5k and I finished in 32:35 so actually wasn’t as bad as I thought.  It gives me something to work on next week.

So that is Janathon day 5 done and 1/3 run/swim workouts done for Jantastic.


4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 5 and Jantastic Day 1

  1. Karen

    Hi love your blog, keeps us very upto date. Pink trainers look great! My daughter would love them! Are you still doing your baking, no mention of it for a while.

    1. fisefton Post author

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. I’m still baking but haven’t tried anything new recently. I must get back to blogging about more than just running.

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