Parkrun and New Trainers

After running the parkrun on my own on Thursday, I managed to get Adam out of bed this morning.  It’s just as well because my husband had to leave home at the same time as us so Adam had a choice of going with Dad or coming with me – he chose to come running 😀

As parkrun has been getting more popular, parking has been getting harder, especially if you cut it fine to get there in time like we usually do, so we’ve started walking.  It’s only a mile and, in the colder weather, it’s been good to have the walk as a warm up.  Unfortunately, we are now having to leave home a little earlier to get to the start line and are getting very muddy/wet feet on the walk back over the Knavesmire.  Today we got there in time to hear the pre-run talk (I couldn’t hear any of it but we were there).

Adam and I had agreed that we would keep the intervals at 5:1 so we set off at the “Go!”  We normally start quite slowly at around 7:00 pace while the pack spreads out and we try to get around the slower runners.  Today, however, we completed the first km in 6:37!  The 2nd and 3rd kilometers were fairly steady at 6:06 and 6:05 and we slowed down between 3 and 4 km with a split of 6:16.  Our final km was 5:33 but this is probably because the walk interval came with only 300m left so I decided I’d carry on running rather than walking.  I finished in a time of 30:56 with Adam finishing 2 seconds ahead of me, it could have been more but he decided to have a little walk break before running past me!

As my calves and shins have started to hurt while running, I decided that it I definitely need to replace my trainers.  I usually replace them once a year but, for some reason, I was always in a hurry when I was going past the Sweatshop (it is in the entrance of the gym I go to) so I never went in to get my new shoes.  Today, I needed to replace them so, rather than waiting until I go to the gym next week, I decided to go today.  It probably isn’t such a good idea to go on a Saturday lunch time as it was really busy but I’d made the decision to go, so I went.  It was very busy but that was fine, I wasn’t in a hurry today and it meant that they couldn’t keep me chatting which is what usually happens when I just pop in to buy socks or something and I am in a hurry.  Anyway, I got new trainers 🙂  I had a full gait analysis today which hasn’t been done for a couple of years and found out that if you go by the analysis of my feet/legs (they take pictures) I should actually be wearing a support shoe but when I actually walk/run my gait shows that I am OK with a neutral shoe.  I knew I was odd so this is just another thing to add to my oddness.

I tried on 4 different pairs of shoes, one pair of which was pink!  Now, I like pink but not for a whole shoe.  Unfortunately, the pink ones were the ones which are the new version of my current trainers so, of course, are the ones which fit best and felt so comfortable I had to buy them.  Fortunately, they were one of the pairs which were in the sale so I got over £25 off 😀  Here’s a pic:

They won’t be pink for long.  I’ll just have to step on to the Knavesmire for parkrun and they’ll be covered in mud.  The lady who served me in the Sweatshop said that if I’m not happy with them in the next 30 days I can take them back and they’ll change them.  I asked “Even if they are caked in mud from parkrun?” and she said yes 🙂  I knew there was a reason why I keep going back to the Sweatshop for my trainers.

As today is Saturday, it is blog hop day with Virtual Running UK and this is my entry for this week.

This is also Day 3 of Janathon.



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