I’ve Turned Into a Girlie Girl!

A while ago I said that I wasn’t a girlie girl and wasn’t really into wearing a lot of make up, oh how that has changed!  I now can’t leave the house without my 3D fiber lashes.  Well, I can if I’m going for a run or to the gym but otherwise, no.  There is a good reason for this, after all how am I supposed to sell a product that I’m not wearing.  I mean, people I meet want to know what it looks like, right?

OK, so I’m not a girlie girl – I still hate taking a long time to get ready in the morning.  I’d rather have an extra 10-15 minutes in bed than flaff around doing my hair and make-up.  However, although I could, and did, go without make up for days or weeks, I very rarely went to work without at least putting on mascara and a bit of lippy.  My eye lashes are very fair and short so they need something so they can be seen.  I would usually put a swipe of a single colour eye shadow on too.  It was always natural looking and I didn’t use foundation/powder etc.  I definitely didn’t/don’t have time for that!

Now, I take a little extra time – maybe 2 or 3 minutes – to use the 3D Fiber Lashes.  Not only because they really do make my lashes look longer and fuller but because the fibres are 100% natural tea leaf fibres but because the transplanting gel (mascara), whilst not being all-natural, only has 9 ingredients!  It takes a bit of getting used to but, now that I have, it doesn’t take much longer than a regular mascara.  The instructions say that you should use a mascara first (it adds a little extra volume if you do) but I don’t – I don’t have time to waste doing that!  I also, usually, only use one coat of fibres rather than 2.  That’s the beauty of this “mascara” though.  You can put on one coat, which still gives more of an impact than my old mascara did, or, for a special occasion where you want the extra wow factor, you can add length and volume with more coats.

I’m sold on the pigment powders too.  With 32 shades to choose from we’re spoilt for choice.  I love the brown tones and Beautiful, Confident and Twitterpated are my current favourites.  I think when I finally get a chance to try Sassy that may become a favourite too.

Of course, I also mentioned above that I would usually put on a lip stick when putting on mascara.  I mean, a swipe of lippy is so easy and quick.  It also stops your lips from drying out in cold weather so that is a bonus for me too.  I was never really a lip gloss girl though – I always found that my hair would get stuck to it, so annoying.  Now though?  I’m in love with the Lavish lip colour – it has a sparkly sheen to it 🙂  I also like the lip liners as a full lip colour with the clear Loyal lip gloss over it.



A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make up one eye using my “old” eye shadow and mascara and one eye using my new Younique pigment powders and 3D fiber lashes:

Old and New - December 2014

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