2 Parkruns and a PB

I meant to write this last week, or at least over the weekend, but it didn’t happen.  It’s that time of year when almost everything goes out of the window except thinking about Christmas.  Anyway, I have now finished for Christmas and if I haven’t bought it, we aren’t having it!

Anyway, this is about the past two parkruns which Adam and I did.  I’ve already written about the first parkrun of December when Adam got another PB and missed a sub-31 minute time by 3 seconds.  Now, what happened over the next two weeks?

Well, I increased our run interval by 30 seconds to 5 minutes, with 1 minute walk.  I’m guessing that the extra 30s wasn’t as hard for Adam as I thought it would be because, guess what?  He only got another PB!  And, thanks to a silly shoe lace, he also beat me by 7s.  I got a new PB too, by 1 second!  Woo hoo!  We are now both sub-31 minute runners.  Next goal is sub 30:30 and then sub-30 minutes 🙂

Screenshot (9) Screenshot (10)

As you will see from the parkrun screenprints above, this week’s run was slower than last week.  Well, we can’t keep the pace going all the time.  Also, we started further back in the pack than we did for the previous two weeks.  However, we did finish in under 32 minutes which is still fab considering we seemed to be stuck at the 33 minute mark for so long.

I’ve always said that I would increase Adam’s (and my) running interval every time he gets a PB but, as he got 2 PBs in consecutive weeks, I think I’m going to continue with the 5 minute running interval until I get a PB and then increase the interval to 5:30.  I like the fact that my Garmin allows me to set my intervals in 30 second increments 😀

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