Chase the Pud 2014

The British Heart Foundation’s Santa Run in York is called Chase the Pud 🙂  When you get there, you get your santa suit and then have a choice of completing one or two laps of the service track at York Racecourse.  One lap is 3K and 2 laps is 6K.  They have someone dressed as the “pud” who sets of first and you have to chase the pud and try to beat them.  Needless to say, we didn’t catch the pud, we didn’t even get close as we started very near the back.  I think one of the guys from parkrun beat him though.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had decided that after yesterday’s huge PB from Adam for the 5K we would just do the one lap BUT we would run all of it – no walking!  He agreed to this so that’s what we did.  I had thought that we could probably average around 6:30 per km and, therefore, finish in under 19:30.  We did that, and then some 🙂  The first km was a slow and steady 6:45 but the 2nd was quite a bit faster at 6:05 and the final km?  A fantastic 5:50!  Final time? 18:40 with an average km time of 6:13 😀  So happy and very proud of my boy, who was, by the way, still talking to me all the way around.  I think we could have run another lap 😉  If you’d like to sponsor us, you can do so through our JustGiving page.

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I also bought the Virtual Running UK’s Santa Shuffle medal which I am going to give to Adam to add to his “bling” collection 😀

I have agreed to let Adam go back to intervals at parkrun next Saturday but I’m going to increase the running interval to 5 minutes, shh don’t tell him 🙂




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