And the Nominations Are…

Virtual Running UK have launched their first Annual Running Blog Awards and I’ve been nominated!  I wasn’t sure that I would qualify for a nomination as the rules were pretty clear

The blog must be primarily about running, although may cover other related topics.

My blog isn’t really a running blog.  Sure it includes posts about running, quite a few recently, but I do cover a lot of other topics too.  Apparently, I write enough running posts to qualify :D:D:D Woo hoo!

On a running note, I went out for a run this morning, I had to make up for missing the parkrun on Saturday, and ran sub-32 minutes for 5K – on my own!  I haven’t done that since April 2014 when I ran my PB at parkrun, without Adam.  I’ve only gone under 32 minutes with Adam once, on 1 November and under 33 minutes with Adam twice (not including the sub-32 minutes run).  I ran intervals of 4:30 run; 30s walk.


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