No Parkrun Today

After Adam’s migraine yesterday, I decided to let him sleep this morning rather than getting up to go to parkrun.  He finally stopped being sick with the migraine at 10.30 last night and he hadn’t eaten since Thursday so I think a 5K run might have been a bit much.  I thought I’d write about our first November run today instead, I forgot to write about it then and I can’t believe that I didn’t.

Adam got a HUGE PB on 1 November at parkrun and I didn’t write about it!  Let’s rectify that now, shall we?

Parkrun 1 November 2014

As it was 4 weeks ago, I can’t remember much but we started at a faster pace than we often do with a 6:35 first km.  As usual, the 2nd and 3rd kilometres were faster at 6:04 and 6:12 with the 4th kilometre the slowest one of the lot at 6:46.  However, we pulled it back and the 5th and final kilometre was 5:54 🙂  This was with a 4:1 interval split.  Adam finished in a time of 31:43 a whopping 36 seconds faster than his previous PB in August.  He also ran away from me and beat me by 4 seconds, that’s OK I want that to happen because it means I know I can increase his intervals and push him harder/faster.  Unfortunately, it also means I have to push myself to the point where he’s still talking to me and I can’t reply because I’ve got pretty close to my limit.  Note to self, go running during the week as well as Saturdays.

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Virtual Running UK Blog Hop LogoEdit: Today is also Virtual Running UK’s blog hop day so this is part of that too.