He Did It Again – Parkrun

I’m so proud of my boy. When Adam started coming to parkrun with me last year, I never thought we’d still be running together over a year later.

Over the past few runs, Adam has started speeding up and running away from me at the 4.8k mark. He can run faster than me but I can keep going longer at a slightly slower pace. Today, I increased the run interval from 4 minutes to 4 minutes 30 seconds. There were also a lot of puddles on the first km of the track (and 3-4km) so that, combined with over 300 runners trying to get through/around the puddles, the first km was a slow 7:15. Then next 2 km were 6:30 each. The 4th km was slower but we made up for it in the final km with a record breaking 5:40!

Adam finished 5 seconds faster than me today in a slower time than his PB 2 weeks ago when he beat me by 4 seconds. I am looking forward to the day when we both run our own pace at parkrun to see who really does have the fastest 5k. My PB is still faster than his at under 31 minutes.

Our parkrun results for the last 2 runs: