Clean 9 is finished

Now I just have to remember what I’ve learned so that I don’t undo all the hard work.  I didn’t post a Day 8 post because everything just got away from me on Monday and yesterday was incredibly busy.

As the title says, I finished the Clean 9 and, surprisingly it wasn’t as hard a last time and I got much better results.  So, what have I learned and what were the results?  Firstly, I actually like water but I prefer it cold out of the fridge rather than out of the water filter jug which sits on the worktop.  I do still want my “nasty” diet coke and that is going to be one of my naughty treats.  I have been drinking between 9 and 12 cups of water per day thanks to my new favourite Tupperware product – the Eco Bottle.

I have also been eating a lot better as I have had to think more about what I am eating.  I’ve also been limited to 3 meals per day and, although I was allowed to snack on fruit, I found that I didn’t need to eat between meals.  The final thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been sleeping better due to not eating so late at night, having a cup of water before bed and a generally much cleaner diet.  I’ve also found that I am actually ready to get up in the morning without having to hit the “snooze” button 2 or 3 times 🙂

The results:

I lost the following measurements in the last 9 days:

Arm – 0.25″; Chest – 0.25″; Waist – 1″; Belly (hip bones) – 1.5″; Hips (bottom) – 1.25″; Thigh – 0.75″
Weight – 8lbs
Body fat is now 27.3%, down 1.8%!
BMI is now 22.3 down from 23.4

So, what’s next?  Well it’s my birthday tomorrow so that will be a bust as far as healthy eating goes.  I will be going out for dinner.  I will have a pudding.  I will have birthday cake.  And I will have chocolate.  However, after my birthday is over, I am going to try to stick to the Weight Watchers plan a lot more closely than I have been doing.  I am going to try to continue to not have crisps with my sandwich.  I am going to continue to have breakfast.  I had got in the habit of not eating until I had a banana at around 11 am which is so not good for you.  I have also decided that, while I know BMI is not necessarily the best indicator of health etc, I am going to see if I can get my weight down to a BMI of 22 as I read that that is the healthiest for the average person and I only need to lose 1 Lb more to get there.  Obviously, I know that muscle is more dense than fat and it would follow that someone who is more muscular would have a heavier BMI so I will also continue to monitor my body fat too.

Tuesday was a very busy day with a meeting to discuss Adam’s Learning Support Assessment and decide what action needs to be taken if he gets a headache/migraine at College.  I also had a Tupperware party in the evening but before that I went to give blood.  I thought everything went really well and the donation was really quick.  As it turns out it may have been too quick.  While I was choosing my biscuit, a penguin, someone said my arm was bleeding.  Sure enough, blood had seeped through the dressing and I was bleeding on to the floor.  I felt fine and hadn’t even noticed.  One of the donor carers came over and helped me in to the chair which they had near the drinks table and cleaned me up.  I felt really bad because they had to call over the Sister and then give me a leaflet about bruising etc.  I said that I was fine but I guess that they must have actually got into the vein properly because the donation was so quick and obviously the blood didn’t want to stop flowing!  Usually, giving blood is a little uncomfortable because they can’t find the vein properly so it comes out quite slow.  I also usually get a bruise because of the vein not being easy to find.  Oh well, it was all good fun 🙂

I have also exercised every day for the past 10 days 😀