Happy Birthday, Becky!

I was getting bored with just putting the days in the titles of these round-up posts so thought I’d be a little different today.  Except, today isn’t Becky’s birthday that was yesterday.  As this post is the round-up of how I got on with my challenges yesterday, I thought I could get away with wishing Becky “Happy Birthday” again.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t be with her for her birthday.  I would have loved to have been there for her and to have seen her face when she opened her card and present.  Maybe I’ll organise my time better next year so we can get down south.

So on to my round-up.

It was Day 7 of the Clean 9.  I’ll be so glad when it is over and I can eat a sandwich!  However, I have learned a few things this week.  I do not need to have a snack pack of biscuits while watching tv in the evenings.  I do not need a packet of wotsits or other savoury snacks with my lunch, a sandwich will be fine.  My dinners are actually, usually, the recommended 600 calories or less.  By recommended, I mean the amount of calories set by the Clean 9 (and many other meal replacement programmes) as being the amount you should be eating for dinner.

It was also day 7 of the Skinny Jeans challenge and I smashed the 30 minutes of cardio requirement with a walk to town (and back again) to get College supplies for Adam.  That was a first!  In all his years of education, I have never had to buy Adam back to school supplies as all equipment was supplied by the school.  When Adam went to his enrolment meeting at College last week he came home with a list of stuff needed for his course.  So we went shopping for an academic diary (found for £1 in Poundland 😀 ), highlighters and calculator (also Poundland), a USB stick, extra wide file dividers and pad of paper (Rymans using my business account to get 10% off 🙂 ).  We also had to buy an apron for cooking.  Where do you get an apron suitable for a young man?!?  Fortunately, we have Barnitts!  Barnitts is a fab old-fashioned hardware store which also happens to have a cook shop and a work wear department, which includes catering, so we found a nice plain navy catering apron for about half the price of the girly ones we saw everywhere else.  Adam also needed 2 lever arch files (already have those for business so gave him a couple), plastic pockets (of course we have those!), pens, pencils, coloured pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser (already had all those too).

We also bought Adam a new phone which he can put his photos on.  This was at the suggestion of one of the student advisers at College who suggested that it might be easier for Adam to talk to someone about his family and his hobbies etc if he could show them pictures.  Fab idea!  When we got home, I put the numbers he might need into it and asked if he’d like to phone Becky to wish her a “Happy Birthday”, so we did.  We also downloaded the BBC weather app as he is obsessed with weather!  I have, however, turned off the data so that he can only connect to the internet when he is connected to wi-fi as it is a pay as you go phone.

After all that walking, I got my 2,500 lifetime miles award from SparkPeople.  This is for the miles which I have actually remembered to record on SP since 2008.  As I can go for weeks without logging any of my exercise on there I have done a lot more.  I got the last award for 2,000 miles last September and I know I’ve done an average of at least 75 miles per month.  Still, it’s nice to get an award.  I’ll have to remember to log my miles more often 🙂