Parkrun and More from Day 6 of my September Challenge

It’s Saturday and day 6 of my September Challenges.  It isn’t going badly so far but I haven’t even finished week 1 yet and I usually falter at some point during week 2.

On Friday, I asked Adam about 3 or 4 times if we were going to go to parkrun on Saturday morning.  I didn’t want him to turn round when I woke him up to get ready for parkrun and say he didn’t want to go this week.  If I asked him and he said “yes” every time, he had no excuse.  As it turned out it was just as well I’d asked him because, although he did get up without too much trouble it was raining.  Not a heavy rain but enough to see it on the pavement and car outside.  It wasn’t raining when we left home, however, so we walked up to the Knavesmire.  After Adam’s PB last week, I decided to increase the running interval from 4 to 5 minutes and we started off really slow.  By really slow, I mean really slow the first km took 7:06 but as you can see, we did get quicker.

parkrun summary for 6 sep 2014

I knew it would be a slow run this week as we hadn’t done any running or walking as we have done in previous weeks.  Adam did try to leave me behind with about 100 m to go but as he didn’t really go for it I caught him with about 20 m to go and said that if he is going to try to make a break for it he needs to really do it.  He has a faster pace than I do and I think he could sustain it for longer than I can.  Yes, I have a quicker PB but that is at a slower pace for the whole 5 km whereas when I’m running with Adam the speed is faster.  Below is this week’s lap splits, as you will see the best pace on each split, except for the first one, was around 6.0 m/km.  Last week the best pace was as quick as 5.42 m/km.

splits showing average and best pace


Anyway, it was an enjoyable run, in a lovely drizzle, even if it felt harder than last weeks and the 10K at the beginning of August.  Oh, that reminds me of another challenge for September – Adam and I are going to be running the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield on 28th September 😀  Is anyone else going to be there?  Obviously, I know there will be thousands there, I meant will anyone who is reading my blog going to be there?  Last year I got a PB for 10K, even though I had to stop for the loo.

While we were walking home, I told Adam that we needed to go to Tesco to get milk and a few other bits.  He asked me if we were walking and I said that we could if he wanted to.  “It’s good exercise”, he says.  We’ve just walked a mile to the Knavesmire, run a 5K and walked the mile plus however far it is to cross the Knavesmire home, and he wants to walk to Tesco which is 0.85 miles too?!?  Who is this person?  So, we walked to Tesco, in the rain.

When we got home, I decided that we might as well stick with the trend that we have been setting for most of the week and have our main meal at lunch time.  Today was beefburgers from the butchers 🙂 with potato waffle and peas for me and baked beans for Adam.  A few weeks ago I started swapping out the burger bun/roll for a sandwich tin in an effort to reduce the number of calories/points (weight watchers) and today I only had one potato waffle too.  This was part of my cunning plan to allow me to have a treat this evening.  As part of the Clean 9 I have 2 shakes, 2 servings of Aloe Gel and a 600 calorie dinner.  So, if I had less than 500 calories for my dinner, I can have a sweet treat, right?  I have some Weight Watchers dark mint chocolate bars which I bought from my meeting last week and they are lovely.  At only 85 calories each, I thought I’d treat myself because if I didn’t I’d probably end up grabbing one of Adam’s chocolate bars out of the fridge!