September – Day 5

It’s day 5 of my Clean 9 detox, only 4 days to go, yay!  It is also day 9 of the Skinny Jeans Challenge and another couple of exercises to add to my repertoire – 2 non-crunches exercises for a flat stomach.

On Thursday I started a new 30 Day blogging challenge.  I was originally going to do it here as I wasn’t sure I was ready to blog every day on my new Tupperware blog.  However, while I was going through yesterday’s task I decided that even if I don’t make it through the full 30 days on Tupperware York I should still give it a try.  If I wait until I’m ready, I’ll never start.  I have ideas for blogs for about 10 to 15 days so I only need to find 15 to 20 more.  If anyone has any burning questions or memories about Tupperware which I could research and write about, please let me know.  Any ideas will be gratefully received.

I’d like to say that the Clean 9 detox/cleanse is getting easier but I’m not sure it is.  Why did I decide to do this?  Oh yes, I remember, I wanted to clean out my digestive system or something after all the rubbish I’ve eaten over the Summer holidays and especially last weekend.  It is hard but it has shown me that I can make good food choices and I don’t have to have that packet of wotsits with my lunch or that chocolate bar/biscuit on an evening.  I’ve also drastically cut the amount of diet coke I’m drinking.  I haven’t cut it out completely and I’m not sure that I’m going to but I am going to try to stick to only having one or 2 glasses per day and not taking a bottle of diet coke to work.  Let’s make that an extra challenge for when the Clean 9 finishes on Tuesday.

Finally, my Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning kit arrived yesterday 😀  I’m really excited.  I’ve never taken part in the Coffee Morning before but a Tupperware contact of mine said that she holds one every year to promote the new Autumn/Winter catalogue.  It has the added bonus of raising money for a great cause, too.  As I work on a Friday, I’m going to hold my coffee morning on either the Monday or Tuesday before or after the 26th September.

How are you progressing towards your September goals?