September – Day 4

I’m a bit late with my update for yesterday.  It’s been a hectic couple of days.  I’ve been writing my updates in the evening and then scheduling them to post the following morning but I was at work last night and didn’t really want to do it when I got home.  Then, I was due to go to work this morning and Adam woke up with a migraine, great!  So, my first full day at work in a week went out of the window.  Fortunately, Adam was fit enough to come to work with me and sit in the staff room with the iPad so I managed to work for an hour and a half.  Not the 5 I was hoping for but better than nothing.

Anyway, on with my review of Day 4.

The Clean 9 is getting easier but I’m still needing a glass or 2 of diet coke to get me through the day.  In my defence, I had been drinking a lot more than 2 or 3 glasses of diet coke before I started the detox and I don’t drink tea of any kind so couldn’t mix up the water with drinking herbal/green tea.  The shake tin says that it is “New and Improved” but if this is new and improved I dread to think what it was like before, it is really bitty.  It may be just me and that fact that I don’t really like chocolate, I’d rather have strawberry, but given the choice between vanilla and chocolate I chose chocolate.  Yes, I know, me the chocoholic doesn’t really like chocolate milkshake.  What’s with that?  We all have our foods that have to be consumed as intended or not at all and for me, chocolate is one of those.  One thing that I think is really working for me this time round is having my main meal at lunch time instead of in the evening.  I didn’t even need any fruit to keep me going 🙂


For the Skinny Jeans Challenge I did the 6 minute hips, glutes and thighs workout and walked to the post box to post some letters.  Not much but enough.

Short and sweet catch up today.  Hope you are all doing well.



3 thoughts on “September – Day 4

  1. NancyTex

    Ooh, that evil Diet Coke! I know people who are absolutely addicted to it (or regular Coke), so I believe you when you say cutting back is killer hard. Know that you’re doing your body so much good though!

    1. fisefton Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement, Nancy. My big problem is that I don’t have anything else to say, OK I’ll just have that in moderation instead – I don’t like tea, coffee, alcohol… For me it is diet coke. And water just gets so boring if it is all you drink.

      1. NancyTex

        I think water becomes an acquired taste. I didn’t much care for it years ago and now it’s all I drink. And I love it! Drinking juice or anything carbonated is off putting for me now. One coffee in the morning, but then water all day. I feel for you though! Hopefully water will become more appealing to you.

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