September – Day 2

OK, so here we go with Day 2.

Day 1 of the Clean 9 was quite hard but I managed to get through it so I was feeling quite hopeful about Day 2.  I bought some fruit when I went shopping on Monday so I’m planned on having some for lunch and then have my shake for dinner.  I was glad that I had decided on this plan as my lovely son decided that he would have his main meal at lunch time, and he decided on steak pie!  So, he sat down to eat steak pie and I sat down with a sliced apple and strawberries.  It was so much easier than sitting watching him eat and not having anything myself.

I was OK until about 3.30 pm when my stomach started growling.  In order to curb the hunger, I drank lots of water but it didn’t seem to work so I had a glass of diet coke.  I know, I’m on a detox and shouldn’t be having caffeine or fizz but it seems to help.  It kept the hunger pangs at bay until I had my shake at 6-ish.

Exercise for today was a mile walk to the butchers.