September – Day 1

Don’t get excited I may not manage to blog every day in September but I hope to write a little update post about how my day went and how I’m managing with my September Goals.  As a reminder my goals are:

  • Complete Forever Living’s Clean 9 detox
  • Do at least 10 minutes (preferably 30 minutes) of exercise every day
  • Go to weekly WeightWatchers weigh-ins
  • Keep a food/exercise diary

I signed up for SparkPeople’s 30 Day Skinny Jeans Challenge too so that should help to keep me on track.

I actually managed to get out of bed without my body telling me that I was still tired and wanted to go back to sleep 🙂  So, after I’d put the bin out I thought I’d get my exercise out of the way.  Great idea but, in reality, I had to wait an extra half hour as Adam decided that he’d get up early too.  He’s never up before 8 am if he can help it and today it was 7.20 am!  Anyway, I sorted him out and had my Aloe Gel and water as the start of my Clean 9.

I finally got to my exercise at 8 am.  As Adam was up and about, I needed something quick so I decided to try the 5-4-3-2-1 Workout which I found on someone’s Pinterest board and had pinned on to mine.  If I hadn’t been away from regular exercise for 6 weeks I may have found it reasonably easy but as I have been away, it was actually quite hard!  I built up a sweat in less than 15 minutes 😀  I finished with 5 minutes of lovely yoga-style stretches.

The morning was OK but as the day went on it got harder to try to resist the food which I have in the house for Adam.  I also had to go shopping for some food so that he would have something to eat for dinner.  I’d already decided that I would make a pasta bake for dinner as I don’t actually like it so wouldn’t feel like I was missing out.  Fortunately, there are only 2 days with no actual food.

So, I drank a lot of water today and I mean a lot.  My new best friend is my Tupperware 750 ml Eco Bottle, I wish I had a 1L one but the 750 ml one will do.  I had 4 bottles of water today, that is the equivalent of 12 cups!  I did slip up a little.  I had 3 glasses of Diet Coke – I know it is a detox and I’m supposed to cut everything out but I knew I wouldn’t get the shake powder until she finished work and got home and I needed something to make me feel like I was having something.  It didn’t quite work so I also ate a banana and a satsuma.  Just as well I did, my friend phoned me at 9.10 pm to say that she was finally home and could get the shake to me.  By the time I got the shake powder, I just wanted to go to bed so I didn’t have my shake today.

One thing I did get this evening was the new literature for the Clean 9.  They are changing it slightly and my friend has allowed me to have a sneaky peek at the new C9.  It looks easier to follow than the old one so I may need to try it when it is finally launched.

Day 1 done!