Frightened? Me?

Journal Jar I haven’t posted a Journal Jar post for a while so I thought I’d post one this week.  The next prompt out of my jar is:

What can frighten you the most and why?

A lot of things can, and do, frighten me.

Drivers not paying attention and doing silly things;

My son growing up and walking to college on his own;

Leaving my son one day in the hands of, essentially, strangers and hoping that they will care for his welfare without taking advantage of him.  This one is probably the one which frightens me the most.  I know every parent worries about their children as they grow up and hope that they won’t be taken for a ride but, the difference is, most children will speak up and take action.  Those of us with children with disabilities know that they don’t always do that.  So, I’m sorry, I’m going to be holding on to the apron strings as long as possible, even if it is a very long apron string when Adam finally decides he is ready to move out of home.