Adam’s School Days Are Over

I have been catching up on reading my blog reader and realised that, although I wrote this post, I didn’t actually publish it.  Oops!

Anyway, here it is, my lovely son has finally finished school. It’s been a long 15 years from age 4 to 19 but we got through it.

Adam's School Days

Adam started school in our local mainstream school at age 4 and managed OK in reception year but only had 10 hours support per week. The options for Year 1 were: to try to get in to the special needs school or try to continue with Year 1 at the same school.  No-one would have benefited from Adam staying at the mainstream school with only 10 hours of support and fortunately the special needs school had space to take him for Year 1. Believe me, if there hadn’t been space I would have fought very hard for full-time support for him.

We moved to York in the Summer of 2001 and Adam started the next special needs school. He thrived at this one as they arranged the classes in ability rather than age across the whole of the junior school section. A couple of years later, the 3 special needs schools were closed and 2 new ones (one primary and one senior) were opened in their place. Adam spent 2 years at the new primary school which was on the same site as a mainstream school and shared the main hall and, therefore, dining hall. I liked this.

In 2006, Adam started the senior school which, again, arranges classes by ability rather than year group for each Key Stage and Post-16.

Adam has told me, and his teachers, at every review since 2005 where he wants to be. When I went to his year 6 review, I was told that he had told his teachers that he was going to Applefields. Who was I to argue? In year 11, he, once again, said that he was going to stay at Applefields for Post-16 for the 3 years he was allowed to stay

At the last review, he said that he wanted to apply to the local college to do the Pathway to Independent Living course. This is what he will be doing from September.

I think he is ready to leave school and is looking forward to his new challenge.


3 thoughts on “Adam’s School Days Are Over”

  1. Definitely congratulations 😀

    I love that the special needs school and the mainstream school shared a site and facilities! this is an excellent idea and should be done more often!

    1. Thank you for the congratulations.

      I loved it when the schools merged some of their facilities. The senior school is next door to a mainstream school and share a field. They also have a “satellite” class in the mainstream school too.

      Adam is now going to be attending the local college with everyone else. Exciting but very scary!

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