My Parkrun Anniversary

This weekend is the first anniversary of my first parkrun 🙂  I have now completed 33 parkruns and today’s was another run under 31 minutes with a parkrun time of 30:58 😀 I decided that after last week’s 10K, which Adam completed exceptionally well on 4 minute running intervals, I would increase the running interval to 5 minutes.  Adam was doing really well and pushing me hard, too hard for him as it happens.  We completed the first 3 km in 18:28 and then Adam decided that he wanted to walk for longer.  As he has now completed 30 parkruns himself and knows the course (you really can’t get lost on the racecourse service road!) I ran on ahead and left him to either catch up, or not.

I found the last 2 km really hard without my running buddy.  Adam has the potential to go very fast and one day he really will leave me behind – I just need to convince him that his legs will keep going, because he can talk to me all the way round even when I’m gasping for breath!  I forced myself to keep pushing through but I did think that my pace had slowed quite a lot while I was running on my own.  As it happens, my pace reduced from 3 to 4 km as I was giving Adam a chance to catch up with me for my first running interval.  When he didn’t, I picked up the pace again.  The table shows my splits.  Yes, I know my Garmin splits show a finishing time of 31:13 but I always forget to stop my watch until I’m going through the funnel so parkrun and I never match.

Avg Pace
Summary 31:13.5 5.06 6:10
1 6:26.6 1.00 6:27
2 5:52.1 1.00 5:52
3 6:10.3 1.00 6:10
4 6:18.1 1.00 6:18
5 6:08.9 1.00 6:09
6 :17.5 0.06 4:44

Even on his “go-slow” Adam finished in 32:52 which is only about 30s behind his PB.  Oh well, maybe next week 😉