Journal Jar: 10 – Siblings

Journal JarIt’s been a while since I wrote a Journal Jar prompt so I thought I’d do another one to put out there.

Did you wish you had more brothers and sisters? Why?

They say you don’t miss what you never had but sometimes I wish I’d had a brother although I was very close to one of my male cousins growing up as we were born 7 months apart.  He taught me how to catch a ball and play cricket – I’ll forgive him for hitting the ball into my eye one day – and we used to go roller skating together in the local park.

I was supposed to have another younger sister but that wasn’t to be.  I was still quite young when my mum was pregnant and don’t actually remember it, probably because she wasn’t really showing when she lost the baby at around 5 or 6 months and the outstanding memory of that time is having a carving knife dropped on my leg by my uncle while he was sharpening it!


One thought on “Journal Jar: 10 – Siblings

  1. Louise

    Sorry to hear about your mom’s and your family’s loss – even though it was long ago. I have a brother; I remember wanting a sister, but I got over it. And now I have two girls, so I can raise sisters – so I figure there’s something there.

    Very lucky that you grew up so close to your cousins.

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