Race for Life 2014

I’m not doing very well at writing posts when I actually do my events at the moment but here is my post for the Race for Life which I took part in on 22 June 2014.  The York Race for Life takes place on the Knavesmire (York Racecourse) and always has a large turnout as they have both the 5k and the 10k running together, the 10k runners split off after the first 2k.

We left home at about 10.15 am to walk up to the Knavesmire and I then headed straight for the toilet queue.  It’s just as well I did, it was really long!  By the time I got out of the loo they had finished the warm-up and were walking everyone to the start line.  I saw the banner for the walkers so slotted in the middle of the group in front of that which I hoped was the joggers.

The run actually started on time at 11 am 🙂 and it took me 4 minutes to cross the start line.  I started the timer on my watch and began running, well trotting would be more accurate, from the start line.  My husband and son were waiting for me round the first bend with the camera to take pictures but Rob didn’t see me even though I was dancing and jumping about in front of him!  Adam had to shout at him to let him know I was coming.

The first km was easy enough but was marked early.  The second km was harder and my husband did see me to take photos – I didn’t see him.  The 2km marker was late but that was OK.  After the 2nd km, we were finally off the grass and on to the race course service track which we use for the parkrun (it felt odd going the wrong way round it though).  There wasn’t a marker for 3k but I didn’t mind as I had my Garmin to let me know how far I’d gone.  I wasn’t impressed when I got the 4km marker as my Garmin said 3.75km!  I was so glad that I wasn’t relying on my old stopwatch because I’d be thinking that I could probably finish in under 30 minutes.  As it happened, I finished 4.95 km in 31:59.


Race for Life 2014



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