R U Taking the P? 2014

It’s Father’s Day which means it is also the day of the R U Taking the P? 5K run for men.  This year my husband and son decided to take part to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Care.  It was a 9.30 am start and we had to walk to Rowntrees Park (about 45 minutes) so no lie-in for my Man and Boy today.

We got to Rowntrees Park at around 9.05 am and they started the information talk at 9.20 am.  The warm up was so much better than the ones they do for the Race for Life.  They had Mark Sullivan who was the Sergeant Major on Lads Army on ITV (it was a few years ago) doing the warm up and he had them jogging round the field, forwards, backwards, sideways…  Much better than the aerobics class style warm up you usually get where you don’t have room to move so don’t actually warm up anyway!

After the warm up they were walked round to the start.  Then they were off for a short lap round Rowntrees Park and then out of the main gates along the river footpath to Skeldergate Bridge, over the river and back down the other side to Millennium Bridge, over the bridge and back to the main gates for a final lap in Rowntrees Park to the finish.

I watched my Man and Boy come out of the park to run up the river and then waited to see them run down the opposite side.  They were still together when they were walking towards Millennium Bridge but when they got to the bridge my son decided he’d like to run the rest on his own so I got a huge surprise when I saw him running towards me to go back into Rowntrees Park.  He then ran round the park by himself to the finish.  I was so proud!  While I was waiting for him at the finish I heard someone say “He runs the parkrun with his mum”.  I turned round and he said “Oh it’s you!”  and I said “Yes, he’s mine he was running with his dad but seems to have left him behind”.

My son finished in around 40 minutes which, considering he ran the first part of the run with his dad was really good.  My husband finished about 3 minutes behind – I’m really proud of him too as his calves seize up and he is in lots of pain after about 500m!

Both my husband and my son were running in memory of my father-in-law who died of prostate cancer in 1995.  If you would like to sponsor them to help this wonderful cause, please visit their JustGiving page.  Thank you for reading x


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