I’m Going to Leave Him Behind

It was another parkrun Saturday today and after not going last week as it was cancelled due to horse racing  – those pesky horses wanted to use our track! (one of the run directors words, not mine) – I was looking forward to getting out there and seeing how we could do this week.

Well, we didn’t get off to a good start considering we were still about 200 m from the start line when they started the run at 9.00 am.  Oops!  My son and I ran at a reasonable pace to catch up with the tail runner, it took us about 2 minutes after we crossed the start line to do that, and told them (there were 2 tail runners today) that my husband was also running.  They said they’d run slowly so he could catch up.  My son and I then carried on running until we’d finished our 4 minute interval – we’re still on 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking.

We were doing great until we got to about 3.5 km (we got to 3 km in under 20 minutes 🙂 ) when my son decided that he didn’t want to run, he wanted a longer walk.  So I told him that I would see him at the finish line and started the run again at a very slow trot.  He caught up with me after 2 minutes and kept running for the rest of the interval.  After the next walking break he, again, decided that he didn’t want to run again.  At this point we’d passed 4 km and I kept to the run walk interval.  This time he didn’t catch up with me and as I went round the bend for the last 200 m he was quite a long way behind (maybe another 200 m) so I kept going rather than waiting for him to catch up.

According to my watch, I crossed the finish line in 32:47 and my result on the parkrun website is 34:19.  My son finished in 35:00 (parkrun time) and my husband finished in a parkrun timed PB 😀  Now I know my son can finish on his own, I’m happy to leave him behind if he doesn’t want to keep to the intervals.  However, if we’d started at the gun and my son had stayed with me, he’d have been very close to getting a PB.

There isn’t a parkrun in York next week – those pesky horses are back again!  My husband and son will be running a 5K next weekend though as they are taking part in the R U Taking the P? 5K on Father’s Day to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.  We’ll see if my Boy can help my Man on the way to another PB.


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    1. fisefton Post author

      It wasn’t quite the run I wanted but it was close. I get to run a 5K on my own in a couple of weeks when I run the Race for Life 🙂

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