Journal Jar 9: High School

Journal JarThe next Journal Jar prompt which I picked out of my jar says:

Describe a typical day in high school

I was at boarding school from Year 5 of primary school so my high school days started at 7 am when the wake up bell went off.  We would then get up and dressed and walk up to the dining hall for breakfast.  At 8.30 am we would have either a house meeting (Tuesday and Thursday)  or chapel (Monday and Wednesday) and a whole school assembly on Friday.

Lessons started at 9 am.  We would have 2 lessons then a 15 minute break; 3 more lessons then lunch break followed by 4 lessons before finishing at 3.50 pm.  After school I often did after school clubs including trampolining and basketball.  We would then have prep time from 5.40 pm to 6.30 pm before having a break for tea and then back in for another hour from 7.15 pm.

School chapel

School chapel