York Parkrun 108

When I wrote my post about swimming yesterday, I said that I added the swim as well as the run this week because the weather forecast was for heavy rain all day today so we probably wouldn’t get to parkrun this morning.  However, I learned from the last time there was a forecast of heavy rain and it didn’t come until after my son and I had got to work.  So, last night my son and I made the decision to get up and dressed for parkrun and then, if it was chucking it down with rain, get changed if necessary and go to work early; or we would go to parkrun.

I’m glad we did agree to that because I got woken up by the rain at around 6 this morning and thought, oh well I guess we aren’t going then.  When I got up to go and make lunches for work, I said good morning to my son and didn’t think he would actually get up, let alone dressed, in time for parkrun but when I went back upstairs he was, not only up but also, dressed in his running kit 🙂  No persuasion needed to go to parkrun, great 😀

We went round to the Racecourse and, because we left home on time, parked near the finish rather than the start.  I prefer parking near the finish because it means we don’t have to walk across the Knavesmire and get muddy, grassy feet to get back to the car.  The parking near the finish line is also around 1km away from the start line so the walk to the start is a lovely warm-up.

As it turned out the sun was out and the sky was, mostly, blue sky.  The few clouds that were out were fluffy and white 🙂

The York parkrun is getting busier and busier so we always start fairly close to the back and take a steady, slowish run for the first 4 minute interval so that the runners can start to spread out.  We then start picking them off from about 1km.  My son was talking most of the way round, as usual, about all sorts but mostly about the fact that we don’t walk to the finish but he didn’t want to run fast either.  I wish he’d take notice of what he says because he keeps on picking up the pace in the last 150m!  He then tells me off because we run fast to the finish – he’s the one who starts running faster, I just run fast enough to keep up with him :^)

Today we were also talking about running at Disney.  He said he wants to do the run that goes through all 4 parks at Disney World, until I told him that is the marathon and is the equivalent of about 8 parkruns back to back.  I think we may need to re-think that one 😉  He does, however, want to do the Expedition Everest Challenge and I’d love to do it with him.

With my boy at around 2.5k on York parkrun. Taken from York parkrun’s Facebook page.

We finished in 33:09 today which is still less than a minute slower than my son’s PB.  He’s still getting used to the longer run interval.

Edited to include photo.


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      Thank you. I pinched it from the parkrun’s facebook page. They have people taking photos of the runners every week and this week we were actually running, and saw them, so waved and smiled as we went past.

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