Back in the Pool, Again!

I did it, I went swimming for about the 2nd time in over a year.  I was supposed to do the Swimathon in March but decided not to as I think I’d only been in the pool once since the last one and I wasn’t sure I’d get through 50 lengths let alone 200!  Anyway, as part of my challenge in May I said that I would run or swim at least once a week in addition to the parkrun.  Yes, I know I did an additional run this week but as the weather forecast is for *heavy* rain tomorrow I’m not sure I’ll be able to drag the Boy round the parkrun so I went for a swim today.

I told myself that I was going to swim a minimum of 20 lengths or 15 minutes, whichever took longer.  According to my lovely Speedo Aquacoach watch, I ended up swimming for 17:24 and completed 30 lengths (750m).  I should have done 32 lengths, then I would have done 1/2 a mile.

I did 10 lengths front crawl as a warm up followed by 5x 1 length steady, 1 length fast.  I then did 1 length arms only, 1 length fast x3 and finished with 4 lengths steady alternating breaststroke and front crawl to cool down.


5 thoughts on “Back in the Pool, Again!

    1. fisefton Post author

      Thank you. I used to really enjoy swimming but find it hard to persuade myself to get in the pool when there are lots of people in there. Mainly due to most leisure swimmers not knowing basic lane swimming etiquette. I’m not a particularly fast swimmer but often end up in the “fast” lane as there are swimmers in the medium lane who don’t move over when you catch them up after a few lengths. Today there was myself and one other person in the lane and I was faster than he was 😀

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  2. Helen

    Well done for getting back in the pool after a break, I always think going back to something for the first time is really hard to do! Plus it looks like you had a great swim so yay!

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