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May Goals – Week 1 – Run done


I actually got out for a run today 🙂  It’s my first run on my own for a while and, looking at my 10K training plan on was supposed to be a 6km build-up run.  To do the build-up run:

Start to run at the first guideline pace.  When you are comfortable increase your pace and maintain it. Then increase your pace a second time and maintain it. Stay in control of your pace, don’t push too hard and end up finishing slow.

My pace was supposed to start at 7:57/km and finish at 7:09/km.  I think running the parkrun in intervals with my son have improved my basic pace so much that I couldn’t force myself to run slower than 7:30/km.

Lap 1 0:07:35 Dist 1km
Lap 2 0:06:48 Dist 1km
Lap 3 0:06:45 Dist 1km
Lap 4 0:06:50 Dist 1km
Lap 5 0:06:27 Dist 1km
Lap 6 0:04:55 Dist 0.8km

The first km was completed in 7:35 because I had to slow down/stop to cross roads, not because I ran slower.

I really enjoyed this run and will now try to keep up with the weekly runs on top of the parkrun.  I set up my running programme to only have 2 runs per week, one of which is the parkrun.  The programme originally gave me a 10K finish time of 1:05:09 and is now calculating the finish time as under 1 hour!  If I keep training at the speed I am doing now.  As I will be running the 10K with my Boy, I won’t be running that fast but it’s nice to know I can.



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3 thoughts on “May Goals – Week 1 – Run done

  1. Fantastic run! I’d love to have that pace. So far all my recent ones have averaged 7;28 to 7:48 in avg pace.

    • Being able to run consistently under 7:30 has been a long time coming. I really think that the interval running with my son has helped a lot. I even ran 12k/h on the treadmill last week! My trainer told me that I’d be doing 5 intervals of 30s run/fast walk so I decided to go for it. I’d never run that fast on a treadmill.