5K Runs for Charity

I wasn’t going to enter the Race for Life this year as I am taking part in parkrun almost every week so don’t need it as a warm-up for the York 10K. I don’t really like doing the Race for Life as I feel quite guilty not actively getting sponsorship for it so all they get from me is my entry fee and money from any merchandise I buy on the day, I loved the pink shoelaces! I put them in my black work trainers when I worked at Tesco, the Managers tried to get me to take them out but I refused ūüėČ

Anyway, my husband decided he’d quite like to do a 5K and asked me to find out when the R U Taking the P? 5K is in York. ¬†It’s on Father’s Day. ¬†Father’s Day is on 15th June this year in case you didn’t know – I wouldn’t want you to be caught out if you need to know this information. ¬†We asked our son if he’d like to do a 5K with Dad and he said “yes”. ¬†So my husband and son will be run/walking the 5K to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

My husband then said, “So when’s the Race for Life then?”
Hmm, “I wasn’t going to do it this year,” I said.
“Oh, but you have to. ¬†We need to know how much you beat us by and our 5Ks are on different days this year,” says he.

He’s right, the last time my husband ran a 5K was the R U Taking the P? in 2011 and the Race for Life 5K was at 2 pm the same day. ¬†On that occasion, he finished in around 48 minutes and I finished in around 37 minutes. ¬†As these events are fun runs and aren’t timed the finishing times are estimated. ¬†So I finished a whopping 11 minutes quicker than he did 3 years ago and I’m hoping that it’ll be an even bigger gap this year. ¬†Unfortunately, my son will be a lot slower than we know he is capable of as he’ll have to run at my husband’s intervals as it is a male only event, which was originally started¬†in 2010¬†to raise money for prostate cancer research, so I won’t be able to support him on his intervals.




3 thoughts on “5K Runs for Charity

    1. fisefton Post author

      I hope so but I’d like to see my Boy do as well as I know he can. I’ll be very impressed if they can finish quicker than 45 minutes.

  1. nancytex2013

    I have no doubt you will absolutely kill it, Fi! And as far as your son, hopefully the experience of running with his dad will make up for not having a PB.

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