Journal Jar 5 – School Studies

My next Journal Jar question is:

What were your best and worst subjects in elementary school? In middle school? In high school?

OK, first I need to find out what elementary, middle and high school refer to. We have primary and senior school or, maybe, infant, junior and senior. So I guess I’ll go with our school system rather than the American one since that’s the one I attended.

Primary school – age 4 to 11 (Kindergarten to J4 (year 6))

I seem to remember that I was very good at Maths in infant/junior school.

Senior school – age 11 to 18 (1st year to Upper 6th (what is now year 7 to year 13, or college)) – this is far too confusing! Why did they have to change the way they said the years? It was so much easier having primary school years and then starting again for senior school.

I think my best subjects were languages, especially German, although come A levels I just seemed to go to pieces and failed all of them! I blame it on the exams, I can’t do exams. I have a lot of knowledge and am great all through the year but put me under pressure in an exam and I fail. I was predicted Bs and Cs but did, literally, fail them all. That was after getting 1 O Level and 8 GCSEs. Oh well, I went and got a degree as a mature student so didn’t need the A Levels after all 😀